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lee seonghwa。 Dec 4, 2018 11:22:02 Reply History


i'm not even sure how to start this. but hey there baby girl, hopefully you read this when you wake up. so, i mean it's obvious that i'm into you. like really, really into you. to the point where i've fallen irreconcilably. all i'm really trying to say is, i think i'm in love with you kim jennie, and i'm enjoying every single second of it. i love how you're constantly making me jealous (though don't expect me to admit it elsewhere), i love how you keep calling me daddy but then ditch last moment, and most of all: i love how you make me feel. that is, like i'm on cloud nine. when i'm with you, my surroundings blur out and you're the only one i see clearly, the sound around us fades, and i only hear the sweet tinkle of your voice. god, you drive me crazy, i'm literally crazy in love with you. 
which i guess brings me to my next spiel. i saw your little comment on wanting to make it to the list... and honestly, it dawned upon me that i wanted us up there too. i really wanted to be able to call you my girlfriend, and i really wanted to be able to be called kim jennie's boyfriend. so consider this me asking you out, officially. both out on a date, because let's admit sweetheart: it's long overdue and more importantly: i'm asking you to grace that list with your beauty, will you be my girlfriend?

also for everything i couldn't say:

lee seonghwa。 10 minutes ago Reply Room →

@jennie kim。 clutches my chest. do you want me to die before i even ask you out D:

yoo kihyun。 2 minutes ago Reply

and then i was all 'okay good uwu'

yoo kihyun。 2 minutes ago Reply

and then he was like

lee seonghwa。 6 hours ago Reply
yoo kihyun。 35 seconds ago Reply
you better take real good care of my baby sis, gray eue 

no other intentions kihyun dw :')

yoo kihyun。 3 minutes ago Reply

and then i was all

yoo kihyun。 6 hours ago Reply 
you better take real good care of my baby sis, gray eue

yoo kihyun。 3 minutes ago Reply

and then he was all

lee seonghwa。 6 hours ago Reply
i cri i hope she likes it

yoo kihyun。 3 minutes ago Reply

first he was all

lee seonghwa。 6 hours ago Reply
@ lali
check jen's wall,,, think she'll like it?

park jamie。11:05:19 PMReply

Uwu @ jennie ily

choi yena。 2 minutes ago Reply

jennie is so god damm gorgeous

park jamie。11:15:08 PMReply

Like we are queens too but- damn jennIE

choi yena。8:25:39 PMReply

waddles and loves jennie up and down- oh wont you look at thay my uwu popped out

lee seonghwa。11:46:28 AMReply

@ jen's status
idk how much longer she's going to be solo

yoo kihyun。3:32:37 AMReply

jennie kim。 16 seconds ago Reply
yoo kihyun。3:31:20 AMReply
hello jennie my sister i would do anything for you

rts because yes this is also true

lee seonghwa。4:04:10 AMReply

aye if jongin gets a kiss i do too-
presses a kiss against jen's forehead and tucks her in
sweet dreams princess.

lee seonghwa。4:04:21 AMReply

jung wheein。 16 seconds ago Reply
Wow Jennie is so pretty

lee seonghwa。 1 hour ago Reply

@jennie kim。 i'll remind you that you are mine later.
you better be asleep baby girl.

lee seonghwa。 7 minutes ago Reply

lali and jong: uwu
jen and i: owo

lee seonghwa。 14 seconds ago Reply

jennie kim。 37 seconds ago Reply
lee seonghwa。1:42:27 AMReply
jennie kim。 1 minute ago Reply
oof abs


i just said abs-- 

you leave me no choice

jung taekwoon。1:59:41 AMReply

Jennie is like my other Leo

jung taekwoon。2:00:54 AMReply

We're so synchronized 

yoo kihyun。11:05:03 AMReply

sometimes i wanna fite you but then i remember ur my baby sis and that ily

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yoon jeonghan。 [A]12:30:46 AMReply

jennie: dAddy
seonghwa: hEavEs and faLls dOwn froM hiS chaiR oH gOd

lee seonghwa。 12 minutes ago Reply

i love you
and i have to go now, i'll miss you more each second, i'm sure

my precious.