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shoma's sticker sheet.
fave & upvoted
lee junyoung 7 seconds ago Reply
@shoma uno Shoma Uno - -
Turkish skater boy, Shana, Vanilla bean - -
I'm asking you now... Will you be my boyfriend?

lee junyoung 2 minutes ago Reply
@shoma uno *inhaling slowly, giving you a warm smile as I bring the hand up with our couple ring and setting it on my chest where my heart is. 
Feel how fast it is? Because of you. And you always make it seem like there's butterflies in my stomach. 
And the thought of being away from you, it hurts.

lee junyoung 5 minutes ago Reply

@shoma uno I never thought you would complain about it. 
*smiling warmly, nosing your cheek and pressing lips against yours softly, giving your bottom tier a soft nip.
Shoma - -
*whispering softly, bringing a hand up to cup your cheek, pulling in for another kiss; molding our lips together softly, tilting my head to deepen the kiss more before finally pulling away.
Shoma, I'm in love with you.


lee junyoung [A] 4 minutes ago Reply

@uno shoma I uhm.. I know what this looks like. You're sitting there, looking at me as if I'm.. 
Well, like I'm proposing huh..?
Is that what it looks like?
*laughing a little, feeling the way your fingers tighten and smiling at it, bringing your hand to my lips and kissing softly at the warm skin.
Well.. Let me assure you.. That it's exactly what I'm actually doing right now on the ground like this..
*laughing a little, reaching into the pocket of my pants and pulling out the midnight blue velvet case, gently prying it open to expose the ring to you. 
I love you Shoma, and.. Well, I'm incomplete without you by my side.. 
Will you marry me..? Be mine for all time..?


lee junyoung [A]00:11:22Reply

I'm trying not to but yes. uwu

lee junyoung [A]20:29:53Reply

Yeah, I'm gonna marry you

lee junyoung [A]22:18:46Reply

And sHoma

lee junyoung [A]22:18:49Reply


lee junyoung [A]22:18:53Reply

ing marry me

lee junyoung [A]21:33:06Reply

@uno shoma My letter to you, Uno Shoma. 

If someone told me, months ago, that I was going to fall in love – I wouldn't have believed it. Love was something I had fantasized over a few times but always put aside to focus on my career as an idol. I wasn't allowed to date, so why waste time thinking about it? I was jealous, of Eli hyung and his beautiful wife; of what they shared. The bond they have was too strong to ignore, that's why they were allowed to marry. I knew something like that was never going to happen to me – first of all because I knew for quite sometime I wasn't into women. It made it hard, when I came out to the other members of U-KISS and eventually those in UNB, to think about the chances of finding someone for me. But again, I pushed it aside to focus on my acting, my singing, my rapping. I was at the stage where I knew nothing could knock me down – I was prepared for everything and nothing surprised me. Being in the entertainment world for a few years, I'd seen my share of idols – many attractive and such but not enough to merit putting effort into. I was complete, in my eyes.
And then I saw you. 
I honestly wasn't entirely aware of who you were, the first time I saw you. All I knew was you were different. And you were so tiny! I didn't realise it then, but looking back I can see it clearly. You had me entirely wrapped around those pretty fingers – hook, line and sinker. You had me. How could I not be enticed by you? Your feline like grace, beautiful warm brown eyes, perfect creamy complexion and untameable hair; small stature but toned build, glorious thighs that look amazing in all your outfit choices – there isn't a part of you I didn't like immediately. It didn't take me long to fawn over you, to want to be around you and making excused to be with you somehow. I remember how we went ice skating, and you were the sweetest creature in existence. You eagerly held my hand and pulled me along the ice with you even though I was worried I might fall and hurt you accidental, right before a competition. But you didn't let that stop you at all from still doing it. I loved watching you practice your jumps that day, the focus you gather and the way you spin and duck and weave and control the ice under your feet. 
You were, and still remain, beautiful. 
The ice is where you belong. It's how I gave you the name of ice prince. My warm hearted ice prince; because despite always living to be on the ice, you have a heart as warm as the sun, burning so brightly everyone can see you. I was jealous, at first, of the people around you. How they easily could hold conversation with you while I seemed to fumble. But, at the end of the night, it was always me you sought, to put you to bed. And I always would make sure you were tucked in before I left you alone. Until one night – one night, you lifted the blankets and shyly asked if I would join you. Of course, I wasn't going to say no. Not to you. You had me already, and we barely knew one another. 
I fell hard for you. 
Asking you to be my boyfriend was one of the hardest things to do in my life. Harder than being an idol, with the crazy schedules and such. But I say one of, because there was actually something more hard than asking you to be my boyfriend – getting permission with my label company to date you. Keeping it a secret from the entire company would have been impossible, so I did a stupid thing, and went to them asking if I was allowed to date. I got a lot of the generic nos and firm rebuking but I didn't stop, I didn't let them win. I persisted, endlessly and in time they gave me the permission I had wanted so I could finally ask you to me mine. It was amazing, but to be honest, even if they said no and no and no – I still would have have done it. I wanted you Shoma, and I knew you were mine. 
I have so many names for you. 
Shoma, Butterfly, Ice Prince, wish dot com listing – as funny a joke as that is, Shana, Turkish-san… So many and yet they all mean the same thing. They mean you – and you are a part of me. I have no regrets, on taking you to be my boyfriend. To making you mine. I feel like giving you a promise right was the right choice. And it was hard, to hold off for so long, to tell you that I was in love with you – that I'm still in love with you. And as the months keep going on by so fast, I know that I'll remain to be yours, forever and more. Right now, we are still establishing ourselves. We have good days and bad days. We don't fight, that's a mercy, but even if we did – I'm honestly not afraid. I know you won't leave me. You know I won't leave you. Fighting and making mistakes is human nature and so far we've been good at keeping it away. Who knows what our first fight will end up being, but I know it won't be the last. And it doesn't matter. We still will go to bed at night and hold each other until the morning separates us. You're my boyfriend now, but someday I'm going to make you my husband. Lee Shoma – Can you imagine? 
I love you, Uno Shoma. We may have been together for only three months, but that's already a quarter of a year, and the months fly by, each one marking another day I fall more and more in love with you. Happy third monthsary, Shoma. 

Always and forever yours, 
Lee Junyoung.


kang younghyun 24 seconds ago Reply
shoma has been adopted
lee junyoung 7 minutes ago Reply
it. I'ma call you Shana now since I'm Edina.
adachi yuto 1 second ago Reply
adachi yuto 46 seconds ago Reply
but otherwise he looks like a toddler who just has knives on his feet
lee junyoung 1 minute ago Reply
Wait - - Did Turksih-san call me stupid?
adachi yuto 2 minutes ago Reply
n00gi3$ [email protected] to deATH
adachi yuto [A] 2 minutes ago Reply
you're just naturally a spinny top
park jimin 3 minutes ago Reply 
Uno is god
park jimin 31 minutes ago Reply
Uno making me fall for him even tho he gots a man
how cruel
yuzuru hanyu 1 minute ago Reply
shosho is cute-
hwang inho 1 second ago Reply
Shoma Uno...
Shiba Inu
Same thing

adachi yuto [A] 43 seconds ago Reply
shoma: my plan of constantly being fathered will be set
simon dominic 1 minute ago Reply
hi the name is Shoma and I got 500 dads
byun baekhyun [A] 5 seconds ago Reply
shoma: hi i'm shoma i have 500 dads lee junyoung09:54:56Reply

§ůmmőņ šåțāň

CUTE JUNYOUNG RECIPTS:  lee junyoung [A] 4 minutes ago Reply

@lee kiseop I'm in a legal position to be a baby, I'm the group maknae therefor -
I am baby. 
*rolling onto my back to look up at you, humming thoughtfully.
I will. I plan on marrying him, you know?


lee junyoung [A]20:12:26Reply

@lee kiseop *whining quietly at the chastising, rolling even more to press my face into your hip with a groan.
Okay fine! I'll stop being such a to him. And calling him a . Or hole. Or y. And anything with the term in it --
I want to keep my maknae baby title, since no one else is here from U-KISS and I really want my title. 
*making a face at the tug, playfully trying to bite at your arm with a huff.
I-I -- It wouldn't be for a while. Long while - we've barely been dating a few months.. 
And that's not entirely my fault! I.. I don't see you much.


lee junyoung [A] 1 minute ago Reply

up .

lee junyoung [A] 1 minute ago Reply

God I love you.

lee junyoung20:40:47Reply

@lee kiseop *when you lean down expectantly, waiting to hear the word I huff out softly, turning away defiantly before scrunching up my face and caving; the word definitely bubbling on my lips wanting to be said.
Fine - . There. Last time I say it. 
*at the smack I whine out gently, rubbing at my head where your fingers gently smacked before pouting at you.
Kiss it better hyung. 
Shoma? Psychotic? Far from it actually. 
I've known him for quite some months now, and sure that may not seem like a long time, but to me it's like an eternity. We just click so well, hyung. From the moment I met him, I just wanted to be by his side, wanted to be a part of his life. I've never known anyone to catch my eye like he did. I was.. Entirely smitten, from day one. You should have seen him, hyung. Sometimes I'd linger close, just wanting to be near and he'd forget how to speak. Trip on his words.. I.. I guess I figured out quickly he liked me too and I couldn't believe it. Someone as beautiful as he, crushing on someone stupid and lanky like myself? Especially when even I knew he was in love with another person but I didn't let that discourage me..
I used to tuck him in, before we were dating. He would be so sleepy, I had to carry him and I always made sure he was well cared for before I let him sleep. I didn't want to take advantage of him, I have my strict courting laws. Then one night.. When I tucked him in, h-he asked me if I wanted to rest with him. So, I climbed up on the covers, to maintain that border, and I slept in his bed that night. I have never.. Never felt anything like this before. That's how I know he's the one I'm going to one day say "I do" to. He's far from psychotic, Kiseop hyung. He's my ice prince. He's my other half.




Shoma's List of adopted fathers: 
Yuto (Doyoung) 


I'm really struggling today... I don't know. I can't....