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kang seulgi.

I know it’s wrong but you’re still in my thoughts..

NoboDY'S PERFECT. WE'RE all just one step up from the beasts and one step down from the angels.

- jeannette walls (half Broke horses)

werewolf / cerberus / Junior / biual / single



History / about / bio.

Getting to know their past.


Born as the only daughter to the alpha of the kang pack, seulgi grew up with three brothers which wasn't really easy for her as she often fought with them for their parents esp. their father's attention. unlike her brothers, her wolf form was more white with a mix of brown.

through her childhood, she had trained and learned hard to stand out more from her brothers which she is now these days since she attended erebus academy. one of her goals in life is to be an alpha of her own pack someday. also to be strong and passionate just like her father seulgi's doing quite well at the academy, lacking in some classes but which is balanced out with her talents in art, music and as in combat. she is willing to learn and try new things but if she really doesn't have the interest, she will say it or shows it.

seulgi is a straight-forward, blunt, adventurous and very stubborn person who doesn't really give a damn about what others think of her, covering the fact she is still insecure about herself and where she really belongs to. she is very affectionate and caring around her pack members and close friends, showing that she has indeed a soft side too.



Personality / Quirks.

Getting to know who they are.


Personality stubborn. straight-forward. adventurous. impatient. blunt. reckless. selfish. caring. affectionate

Likes food. the moon.

Dislikes silver. narrow places.

Hobbies star-gazing. dancing. gaming.

Secrets "a secret makes a woman, woman. and i dont kiss and tell, baby."

Fears silver bullets. getting her heart broken.

The Quirks Fun Facts About Them.
— cracks her knuckles when she is annoyed.
— crinkles her nose every now and then.
— knows well how to sing too.
— dyes her hair often.
calls herself the gaming queen.
— tends to give people nicknames, according to their appearance or first impression on her.



The Love of Their Life.

The one they give their heart to.

Last updated 00 Month 2018.

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Out of Character.

The typist's notes and guidelines.



timezone is gmt+2.


you ask - you post the starter


pm to plot + ooc talk & walls for rping only


detailed 1st + 3rd pov (para) + mirrored


replies could take a bit, i have a full-time job (rip) + feel free to send me a soff reminder in pm tho!


trash for plots (esp. drama)


always lurking on mobile



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Plots & situations for the character.


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