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kang yebin。 1 minute ago Reply

uwu i love hak

song nayeon。 1 second ago Reply

hak oppa, youre cool, awesome, adorable, cute, amazing dancer, y, everything

song nayeon。 1 minute ago Reply

youre first on my love list hak and the only one on the list too



# gallery
surprise love! i hope you dont mind me taking this teeny tiny part of your profile uwu
im just here to tell you how much i love you! 
you know i love you so so so soooo much!
i know it was less than 24 hours when we just knew we were meant for each other but wheezes i love you lots.
thank you for taking good care of me and loving me to the fullest.
everytime i see you, i just go uwu and my heart explodes.
i really love you lots and lots and i hope i can express that enough!
let's be together forever and ever <3
again, i love you lots!
from your cutey, uwu, wife, girlfriend, naynay 
smooches you
cha hakyeon
since 190130