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Some stuff that I wanted to save

 do kyungsoo。 1 hour ago Reply

wys youre gorgeous, suji


do kyungsoo。 1 hour ago Reply

and everyone knew that so

you should too


han sanghyuk。 7 minutes ago  Reply

just look pretty - w -


heo gayoon。 9 seconds ago Reply

bae suji。5:36:46 PMReply
I see myself '^'

The ine that you see is one

of the most beautiful

person I know...hehe


tiffany hwang。 9 seconds ago Reply

Iu and suzy innocent beauties


choi seungcheol。 [A] 3 minutes ago Reply

you are, in fact, a whole cutie. suji.


h, heo gayoon。 Jan 3, 2019 19:13:43 Reply History 

Uwu....well just know that the world need you!!!
Your existence is not q bother its a blessing
Cheer upp!!!
Huggglllllesss uuuuu tighterrr


jung haram。 Jan 5, 2019 8:10:48 Reply History 

You know what’s on the menu? ME-N-U


han sanghyuk。 1 minute ago Reply 

cups suji's face. you are gorgeos :-/


yu christian。 8 minutes ago Reply


To bae


song yuqi。 15 seconds ago Reply

be happy suj uwu

They are precious
They are sweet
Remember them