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Some stuff that I wanted to save

 do kyungsoo。 1 hour ago Reply

wys youre gorgeous, suji


do kyungsoo。 1 hour ago Reply

and everyone knew that so

you should too


han sanghyuk。 7 minutes ago  Reply

just look pretty - w -


heo gayoon。 9 seconds ago Reply

bae suji。5:36:46 PMReply
I see myself '^'

The ine that you see is one

of the most beautiful

person I know...hehe


tiffany hwang。 9 seconds ago Reply

Iu and suzy innocent beauties


choi seungcheol。 [A] 3 minutes ago Reply

you are, in fact, a whole cutie. suji.


h, heo gayoon。 Jan 3, 2019 19:13:43 Reply History 

Uwu....well just know that the world need you!!!
Your existence is not q bother its a blessing
Cheer upp!!!
Huggglllllesss uuuuu tighterrr


jung haram。 Jan 5, 2019 8:10:48 Reply History 

You know what’s on the menu? ME-N-U


han sanghyuk。 1 minute ago Reply 

cups suji's face. you are gorgeos :-/


yu christian。 8 minutes ago Reply


To bae


song yuqi。 15 seconds ago Reply

be happy suj uwu


jung jaehyun。 8 seconds ago Reply

me: what a beautiful night


me: but not as beautiful as you

suzy: leaves the wedding n moves to mexic


hong euijin。 25 seconds ago Reply

Baesu is so beautiful it's like she's not real


hong euijin。 6 seconds ago Reply

Baesu is angelic


h, park roseanne。 43 seconds ago Reply

bae you are really cute though, in everything you do 

They are precious
They are sweet
Remember them