23 y/o
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Park sooyoung
park joyi aka my bubby aka my babygirl. thank you for being my 01/01/19. this cheesy oppa promises that he will treat you and haetnim well. please feel free to kick his  and call him out if he ever misbehaves- i am looking forward to this new page of our life that we get to spend together. you, hae, and i, heh. Definitely will add some more cheesy and greasy stuff later.
the name is Kang Dongho or you can call me by my stage name, Baekho. You might know me as the main vocalist of Nu'Est or from Pd101. I'm uh a shamless white tiger, a very playful guy, really loves food and animals. I'm not really great with words but I'm more of am action guy anyways. Just remember that I know Muay Thai and Kumdo for years if you're planning to mess with me- Uh I think that's all for now, just hit me up if you wanna know more or wanna hang out with me, I guess.
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Rain drop, drop top.
All i do is eat non-stop.