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Winner's oldest, vocal, visual || 27 (intl) || my heart, body and soul belongs to Kim Jinhwan <3


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almost forgot /pulls jinu by the shirt and kisses him passionately, arms holding you tight as I pull away and peppers gentle kisses to your cheeks 

Q: if you could star in your own Disney movie? 

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@jinwoo Hmm..the title would be light. The villain would be the embodiment of my worst fears/regrets so let’s call him jinani. The love interest a precious jinu who can make you feel as tho you’re the most pure and special person in the world even tho he actually is and you kind of but whenever you’re around him your world lights up hence the title light. There would be a flying pig named wilbur who followed them around the end. u w u I’ll stop being gay now



== Results from == 
100% Brat 
100% Rope bunny 
98% Switch 
98% Brat tamer 
94% Masochist 
91% Submissive 
91% Degradee 
70% Dominant 
62% Rigger 
58% Sadist 
54% Master/Mistress 
53% Vanilla 
51% Experimentalist 
42% Daddy/Mommy 
40% Slave 
39% Owner 
33% Degrader 
28% Pet 
25% Boy/Girl 
5% Primal (Hunter) 
3% Non-monogamist 
2% Primal (Prey) 
2% Ageplayer 
1% Exhibitionist 
1% Voyeur