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hong jisoo Feb 20, 2019 23:39:36
HDSMFDSMFSDF BA B e ,. hos h wait im yellfifdsng what the i didn't expect this what the hell wait holup
let me just
breathe in ,, breathe o u t
ok yes i'm fine now
anyways holy (sorry god if ure reading this expect it to have a lot more curses later) hoshsdgdsds oh my god? ? ? ? ??? a part of me right now wants to read everything again but i don't wanna keep you waiting so,, also what the kfmjcnjfucf baby i love it;;;;;;;;;; i love you so much what the hell what did i do in my past life to deserve someone as perfect as you oh my god mom im gonna cry wait i .
sorry if this is getting a bit long but i just wanna say that i loooooove love love lo v e you, soonyoung. i'm really glad that i get to have you in my life because now my days are a lil bit (a Lot) brighter and happier hhhh everytime i think of you i feel all warm and tingly inside and ??? it's the best feeling ever ugh n*t. ok kidding but anyways i really don't want this to get any longer
so yes,, to both. yeah i wanna get a dog with you hhhHHH we'll have our very own chi l d
but also !!!! oh my god yes. y e s Yes yES i want to marry you im yelglifdjfdnfd sorry my hea r t oh my god


hong jisoo [A]12:16:06 AMReply
omg did u hear that ,,, thats the sound of my heart jumping out of my chest and exploding like fireworks

hong jisoo [A]12:16:17 AMReply
see also: aju nice mv

hong jisoo [A]12:20:40 AMReply
me??? if i was given a life jacket and u and the dog were drowning i would throw the life jacket at u and dive for the dog