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hi, you probably weren't expecting this were you?

have i told you how much i really like this picture of you? i mean, just look at you. you're stunning. you're so cute and honestly, you just ooze girlfriend vibes.

heh, the main thing i just wanted to do is,, , you know, i just wanted to ask you and see if you perhaps,, , maybe want to, you know

go on a date with me sometime?
[ ] yes  [ ] ofc   [ ] no

seo soojin
hi my love. you were probably wondering what that gift i kept talking about was. but hehe, lookie here!! this is your gift that i kept talking about :>

i just wanted to let you know how much you mean to me and how much i appreciate you. i'm sorry i haven't been around a lot lately. i keep missing the timing when you're on and it because i miss you. a lotta. but you know, we'll overcome the stupidity called timezones together!! thank you for letting me love you endlessly and spoil you regardless of how much i complain about how spoiled you are,, , you are my precious baby.have i told you how much i love you yet? because i love you a lotta a lotta! hehe

this isnt as sentimental as i'd like it to be but you know, as long as i made you smile, that's all that matters to me. because you're my littol baby soojinnie and i only strive to make you happy and smile. i love you a lot, soojin. thank you for letting me love you and spoiling you. you make me happy and i hope i do the same to you. i'll take you out on that date soon, i promise! hehe i love love love you!!

to my dearest
hi, you probably weren't expecting this either weren't you?

you're so oblivious some times, it's kinda cute and it helps me a lotta. hehe

i know we've been talking for sometime now and there has been this one (1) topic that gets brought up from time to time. so you know, i decided to take things into my own hands and actually make some things come true!

also, i totally thought of this as i went with it and i'm proud to say that it turned out super cute and i really hope you like these,, and that they bring a smile to your face

i wanted to say...
there's been so many times where i've almost slipped up on this line and i've been trying so so so hard not to say it but what i really wanted to ask you was...

can i be your boyfriend?
will you give me the honor of being yours?

can i?

byun baekhyun8:16:06 AM Reply
@seo soojin dont make me send things in return,,,
a kiss? cups her chin with his thumb and index, tilting her head back slightly as he leans in, capturing her lips with his own for a brief kiss, pulling away to press a kiss to her forehead afterwards

byun baekhyun9:49:24 AMReply

i am your big baby yes

byun baekhyun6:51:45 PMReply

i love you too soojin

byun baekhyun11:21:19 AMReply

youre my baby

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soojinnie, nyan υ´• ﻌ •`υ

byun baekhyun 22 seconds ago Reply

i love seo soojin with all my heart and more, even when she wants me to suffer ://

byun baekhyun [sh]3:29:54 PMReply

you are my most favorite and special being, seo soojinnnnn