kim jongdae [ h ]7:00:10 PMReply

s - soft
e - extremely soft
u - undeniably soft
l - lowkey soft 
g - greatly soft
i - impressively soft

kim jungeun [sh]7:08:45 PMReply

seul is a fairy

meng meiqi5:32:07 AMReply

not to be dramatic but seulgi is Hot

meng meiqi5:33:26 AMReply

you're fire seul babe

park sooyoung9:17:01 PMReply

ur my small

park sooyoung9:17:04 PMReply

im ur big

yan an [A]9:54:06 PMReply

jung jaehyun9:53:51 PMReply
aiyu: im fragile
also aiyu: smashes a tennis racket and yells " off"

kim jisoo [ h ]9:43:00 AMReply

yanan: i’m not hugging you
yanan: omg fine !

yan an [A]8:55:32 PMReply

u , uwu,,

yan an [A] 9 hours ago Reply

wo de ai ,,, ,, ,, yu

yan an [A]3:25:06 AMReply

you're cute

yan an [A]3:25:18 AMReply

and that makes me feel soft

yan an [A]3:54:51 PMReply

ily ai

yan an [A]12:52:45 AMReply

you're the queen of my heart

jung jaehyun10:52:45 PMReply

aiyu: in the middle of gauging someone's [redacted]
yanan: aw look she's so cute let me take a photo