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lee chaeryeong 6 days ago Reply

<3 momma yeji

shin yuna ( H ) May 1, 2019 5:16:37 Reply History 

*curls up onto your lap*
Do not like having hair brushed but honestly I only let you do it when I’m tired enough, it’s calming and sends me to sleep 
*pecks your nose then shuts my eyes *
Good night and much love to our lovely , cuddly kitty leader , mama yeji

na jaemin ❝ new actor in action ❞ [A] 8 minutes ago Reply

why is yeji dp like that I'm -


tumblr_pnv3vd54zV1y5uvoeo1_1280.png           tumblr_pnv3vd54zV1y5uvoeo2_1280.png