Personal Message

Cuddling with Taeyeon be like:

  • lazy cuddles
  • so many pillows you would actually be at risk of suffocating
  • just laying beneath the covers, quiet and enjoying each other’s presence
  • occasionally earning a small and playful punch in the shoulder 
  • that’s what you get for putting your cold as ice feet on her legs
  • peaceful music playing softly in the background
  • make outs™
  • cuddles with tae yeon would last all day long
  • you’ll have to bribe her to let you go to the toilet,,, chances are she’ll cling to your leg as you try to get out of bed
  • zero being squished between the two of you
  • back rubs and scalp massages,,, heaven
  • falling asleep in each other’s arms
  • cuddling with tae would be the calmest and most refreshing thing ever