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*lift my head a bit when you shifted giving you room to get comfortable on my lap, smiling from ear to ear with my teeth appearing, grins at you eyeing the crown of daisies I made you see you beautiful and glowing in my eyes* 
I will protect you with all my heart yuggie~ you are mine after this.. no one is going to stop me from loving you my queen. * brings my hand over to rest my palm on your back giving you a rub brushing the thumb to your spine and as I let out a content sigh, parts my lips to nibble lightly your bottom lip your tier, feeling how plump they are. rubs my fingers against your skin as I felt the movement of your fingers against my shirt* I’m glad I was able to make you happy yugyeom.. to prove to you that you won’t ever have to feel alone. *travels my kisses down to your neck when you revealed your neck to me inhaling your intoxicating scent, presses our body together with my face burying over at the crook of your neck feeling my eyes glowing in a yellow color as my wolf fangs started to grow already feeling your pulse as they start to sync with one together, leaves a trail of butterfly kisses on your milky skin finding the right sensitive spot making sure to press gentle kisses on your skin brushing my canine teeth over at the surface before sinking my teeth down gripping tight on your frame to savor the blood that seeps out flicking my tongue to your wound, my eyes grew dilated as mark you claiming you as mine tainting you with my scent to show that you are mine *

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19 years old, working in a cafe, omega and taken by my handsome mate. Upset him and you can prepare yourself for an kicking. Loving mother to the pups Kyo and Asher.
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