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has no interest in love

scientist&transformer doctor

pureblood vampire


murdered his family, has a dark past which he keeps hidden

Jungkook has been part of the underground business for a long time now. As an apprentice to an old wizard, learning and acquiring new skills over the years which helped him steal his master's position and own the biggest business for new drugs and other illegal substances. In his laboratory he conducts secret experiments, liking to play the 'little mad scientist' role sometimes, abusing all kinds of species which were captured for his own desires and sick games. Though he can't deny that his little hobby helped him countless times with creating new drugs and the perfect untraceable poisons. Jungkook was grateful for that and always repaid the victims who survived in enough gold or favors to balance the harm he had done to them.

As a pureblood vampire, Jungkook is skilled and confident in himself and his abilities. He's smart and his looks are way above average which he is aware of and always took advantage of. In a world everyone priorities the face and body, he is like a king, wearing his skin as a crown. Most of the things coming out his mouth are just plain rude or challenging. He is a sadist with occasional masochist tendencies. He finds joy in others' pain and suffering - he lacks a living heart after all. He considers himself superior to many but likes to keep a gentleman-like image, rarely violent in public or for no serious reason. He rarely uses a foul language and takes rather unusual interests on the strangest things. Though his obsessions are usually short-lived such he struggles on keeping his interest for a longtime. One day he could be craving to bathe in the tears of a siren only for the next day to crave the embrace of one. His moods change like weather.


 OOC Corner 

1) I do both povs, detailed.

2) I do any genres and I'm a hoe for plotting. If you got no ideas but want to rp with me, hit me up. I'll happily come with an idea or two or ten.

3) I take my plots very seriously besides the light and silly IC chatting. So I expect the basics of a good roleplaying outside of IC:

Decent grammar and phrases structure so I won't have to reread five times until (if) I understand what it's going on.

Please keep the ' giggling every phrase ' thing away or any forced cute behavior. I can't take cuteness that gives me diabetes very well.

And I beg you dont hit me with 1-2lines of text after I write you 10 lines. It's just a big ' you' in my face.

Thank you.


- ego feeders -

₰ Taehyung 7 minutes ago Reply

my pleasure is to serve and i can't help my nature,i can't just serve anyone just the noblest and purest of pure bloods and you shine more then anyone here. because what is the meaning of life without knowing your touch.
  ϕ Lee Jongki 14 seconds ago Reply
-i grabbed you to my lap and pulled you close- yes daddy
- i moved kissing you softly- you better be happy with that.. you won't be hearing it again
ᾧ Reece King3:01:04 AMReply
Kookie is a daddy honestly
ʥ Huang Mini9:33:32 PMReply/blushes happily
Teehee Daddyy♡
/gets squished to his chest and laughs happily
/snuggles him tightly
Daddy you're the best♡
  ᵹ Irene12:16:30 PMReply
The is in good shape Jungkook whats inside it I dont want to meddle. *nods approvingly* but really nice without everything.
Ϣ Park Jimin [A]6:25:53 PMReply
Oh yes daddi. me hard with your little baby carrot uwu
  Ϣ Park Jimin [A] 15 seconds ago Reply
Kook is an elegant mermaid swimming around gracefully in the world of and I feel like a retarded sea bass with a ed up fin just trying to keep up.
Ϣ Kim Jisoo 24 minutes ago Reply
Oh... I wish the most boring person eventhoughnoonehereisboring to win you in the bidding so you can just die
  Ψ Tyler Blackburn [A]6:07:41 PMReply
kook and his skinny shrimp