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pocketful of stars
pocketful of stars
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k. daniel11:42:36Reply

she's the prison though, sinb
she got me in a lifetime prison
arresting my heart

y. sungjae [ h ] 3 minutes ago Reply

well because she's worth fighting for
when you love someone, you gotta show them how serious you are
and since i cant picture myself with anyone else
I have to show her how precious she is to me

y. sungjae [ h ] 3 minutes ago Reply

I might lack a lot and I've caused her pain, more than often
but the way she took me back in everytime... I just fall for her again and again

y. sungjae [ h ]21:31:55Reply

A year with her yet I always fall in love with her everyday again and again

l. hangyul 1 minute ago Reply

l. hangyul
666 posts | 666 pts

this is why im dating a sin


a kitty from softie uwu 11/04/20