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l. nakyung [A] 25 seconds ago Reply 
soobin: h-
minju: count your days
minju: h
hyunsuk as soon as he wakes up: picks up to throw mod
y. hyunsuk1:12:41 PMReply
ultimate tsun is minju
minju: changes dp
everyone: *^*
here at inanity high kim minju is a track star, and it seems like she's putting her skills to good use
y. hyunsuk2:31:07 AMReply
you're cute all the time but i think you're cutest when you're soff
y. hyunsuk 2 minutes ago Reply 
you're very cute when you're mushy
k. chaewon [A]3:04:55 PMReply

k. hyewon [A]6:04:45 PMReply
who needs a zoo when you have minjoo

pocketful of stars
pocketful of stars
yellow star: given to those who managed to hit 50 pts within 24 hrs; good job!
green star: given to the admins of the rp; uwu you're an admin!
to be unlocked: get a profile up and filled in!
Pink star: we're grateful you're warm and welcoming and friendly to all uwu
to be unlocked: get those plots going, keep it up and write on!
to be unlocked: enjoying our games? who said you have to win to get a star
to be unlocked: well,, if you do win a game, we congratulate you with this star!
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pink w/ purple star: wowza you've hit that one triple zero milestone, nice!
pink w/ green star: you've been in our rp for at least 2 weeks now, a loyol familiar bean you are uwu