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it's not finished yet but the basic, personality, and ooc sections are done. those are sections/buttons 1, 3, and 6.

note for profile: latch acoutstic version


framed for funsies

⚘ : nöelani k 。8:39:25 PMReply

twiddles fingers > /// <

⚘ : atticus e 。8:59:05 PMReply

oh my god oppa T_________T


⚘ : atticus e 。9:07:15 PMReply

okay maybe its cause i l*ke ur bullying sometime

♆ : linnaeus b 。9:28:36 PMReply

I had this image where atti made like a whole pentagram and all and a giant water column came out when he did the initial summoning but then nothing else and then half an hour later when everyone has all left enzhe crawls out of the circle all casually like “yo sup sorry I had to take a dump what’d I miss”