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  • born in south korean underwater village in the golden province to a priest (her dad) and a fugitive slave (her mother)
    • her dad was born there too, but had traveled a lot and been raised in galini for a lot of his life
    • her mom was actually born a slave in vietnam, though she is korean, and her grandparents tried to hide her and keep her safe (which is why she is a fugitive)
    • her mom and dad met in a church while he was a traveling priest and trying to make his way up the ranks. she was hiding in the pews and he found her, taking her in shortly after and keeping her presence a secret until she was safe enough to be acknowledged. an elder already knew of her presence though, and he helped protect her.
    • eventually her mom and dad fell in love, got married, and had linh (they were young then). they were happy until the wrong people caught wind of her presence in south korea. the elder and her dad tried to help her mom escape, but she went willingly in order to keep linh safe and a secret. it was the last thing she asked of them.
    • after that, her dad was heartbroken and unsure of what to do now that he had to raise 5 month old linh himself, but he continued his priest work and the village came together to help him raise her. he named linh after her mother, especially since she looks and is so much like her.
    • he soon moved back to galini with linh and told the south korean village to inform him if they ever caught wind of his wife again, looking for her on his own when he could, but unable to really do so because of work.
  • she was raised by her dad, grandparents, and the village, but she left home to study like her father and possibly find her mother when she was fifteen.
    • she started in galini, then went to italy (3 months), england (3 months), france (3 months), iceland (3 months), brazil (4 months), mexico (4 months), north america (4 months), japan (1 year), south korea (2 years), vietnam (1 year), and just got back to greece’s galini recently
  • she decided to become a priestess out of faith and to help out her father as well. doing so also allowed her chances to find her mother again since she can travel, but she doesn’t think it’ll happen and she wants to help her dad find closure before she tells him anything about it.
  • she is to become a high priestess once her father passes on the flame, but she doesn’t really want to be anymore. she wants to settle down and have a family of her own, to drink, to marry, to enjoy life like she never thought she’d be able to before.