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mirinae zhou

mirinae zhou

mirinae zhou

Why live your life with sadness when you can live it to the fullest before the sand of the hourglass runs out? I'd prefer leaving knowing that I lived it to the fullest.

— killerchrome

Basic Information


  • OC Name: Mirinae Zhou.
  • Nickname(s): Rin.
  • Date of Birth: Nov 5 1997. 
  • Zodiac Signs: Scorpio, Ox.
  • Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas.
  • Species: Terran.
  • Occupation: Marine Biologist.
  • Current Residence: Paradisi.
  • Spoken Languages: English, Mandarin, French, Spanish, Conversational Greek..
  • ual Orientation: Straight.
  • Romantic Orientation: Straight.
  • Relationship Status: Single.
  • Moral Alignment: Purely Good. 
  • SNS/Username: @rinrinz


  • Faceclaim: Ju Jingyu.
  • Height: 159cm.
  • Weight: 47kg.
  • Hair Color: Majorly brown.
  • Eye Color: Hazel brown. 
  • Piercings: Two on each ear so four in total.
  • Tattoos: A tattoo of a black dolphin on her neck, behind her ear.
  • Scars: A long scar running up the back of her right hand.
  • Clothing Style: Laidback, casual, girlish. Doesn't enjoy wearing heels all that much. Loves wearing dresses and skirts.

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History / about / bio


My Story...

Growing up, Mirinae was always more physically weak when compared to her peers around her and at the the age of two, her parents were given devastating news by her paedetrician. 

"Mr and Mrs. Zhou, I'm afraid I have bad news." Dr Reinhart had told the two adults who were waiting nervously in his office.

Where was Mirinae?

Well, her two-years old self was seated at another corner of the office, playing with wooden blocks without a single care in the world and without the knowledge that her life was about to be changed forever. 

Her mother, upon hearing the news had immediately clutched onto her husband's arm, hoping for comfort but all that he could do was to give her a gentle pat as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. 

"Mirinae has ventrical septal defect which simply put means that she has a hole in her heart."

At his words, her mother had almost immediately broken down into tears, opting to hide her face against her father's neck instead. 

"Is.. is there anything we can do, doctor?" Her father tried his best to stay calm despite his own heart feeling like a mountain had just built itself upon it. He gently rubbed Mirinae's mother's shoulder, trying to comfort the obviously distressed woman. 

"Yes but I can't give you a clear answer on how long she'll be able to live... I suggest you make the best of what little time you may possibly have." 

Ever since then, Mirinae was banned from sports, banned from playing with other kids and even banned from going out of the house for too long. If she did, her mother would almost immediately start bombarding her notifications with huge amounts of text and calls, demanding for her daughter's immediate return. This, of course, resulted in Mirinae often being shunned by the other kids in school who thought of her as pathetic, useless, and a goody-two shoes who did whatever "mummy asked her to". 

This didn't stop Mirinae from doing whatever she loved most. Sure, she didn't have any friends growing up but she'd discovered something much better. 

The company of the ocean. 

Mirinae was always drawn to the ocean but she herself didn't know why. There was always something so calming about the ocean which made her feel.. safe despite how others might feel about it. She spent her days by the ocean and as she grew up, her wishes to become a successful marine biologist grew. 

That was precisely what she did. 

Mirinae worked hard to become the top student in high school and that earned her a free ride to an Ivy League university where she proceeded to then become the youngest valedictorian, graduating with a degree in Marine Biology in her university. 

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Supportive — Reliable — Patient — Observant — Enthusiastic — Loyal —Hardworking — Dedicated — Shy — Overly sensitive — Introverted — Overly Altruistic


Flowers — Marine animals — Otters — Blue — Books especially old books — Kindness — World Peace — Cello — Classical Music — European History — Piano — Prince


Caffeinated drinks — Ocean pollution — Cruelty — Arrogant, ignorant people — Traitors — Makeup — Prince getting hurt


Reading history books — Gardening — Sewing — Playing the cello and the piano — Stargazing — Analyzing classical music — Singing — Walking Prince


Clowns — Being betrayed — Ocean pollution — People she loves getting hurt 


Collects seashells when she's by the beach — Loves taking evening walks by herself at the beach — Named her potted cactus, Kiwi — Has a pet german shepherd, Prince —  Hates wearing makeup — Loves taking Prince on walks — Took lessons on training dolphins — Was the youngest valedictorian of her university — Doesn't enjoy groupwork and prefers to work by herself — A clear introvert — Hates having people in her space except for Prince — Not allowed to swim — Has to take medicine for her heart — Not allowed to do any extreme sports 

bad habits

Tends to bite the end of her pencil when she thinks — Sings loudly in the shower — Jotting down her thoughts on a sticky note and sticking it on whatever surface she can find — Not putting things back where it's supposed to be so she's forever losing her things.

wants & desires

The ocean to remain clean — A peaceful life

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The Fire In Their Soul


jessica benko

soulmate who wasn't meant to be




Message to your character's love goes here! Type as much as you want or need to type to them.

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Current Status


Dating / Engaged / Married / Struggling



Dating as of 00 Month 2019.


Engaged as of 00 Month 2019.


Married as of 00 Month 2019.

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Out of Character


Before You Approach Me

  1. I'm a GMT+8 but I'm usually asleep by 11:30pm on weekdays and 12am on weekends.
  2. Please be sure to read Mirinae's profile before asking me to rp! It can definitely save you from a lot of confusion but if you still have questions, feel free to ask me about it.

Writing/Plotting Style

  1. I tend to strive towards third pov, and I tend to novella.. a lot especially when my muse is UP.
  2. The genres that I'm comfortable with vary from character to character. In Mirinae's case, most of her plots would probably be rather angsty due to her impending.. doom, you could say.

Activity/Reply Speed

  1. I tend to get super busy on weekdays so replies are more likely on weekends.
  2. The speed of my replies are very much dependant on my muse so it can vary. On some days it can be fast and on some, it can be slow.
  3. The length of my replies depend on my muse too so yes, it can vary though it's usually novella. Please don't feel pressured to mirror! Write as comfortable as you can want! 
  4. On weekdays, I'd most probably be around in the ooc or I'd be pushing out short replies.

Location Preferences

  1. I'd honestly prefer rping in rooms rather than walls simply because I like to keep my walls clean.
  2. Please do tag me if you want to drop a random starter or a planned starter! I wouldn't see otherwise. 
  3. Yes, rping in dms is also a-okay with me.


  1. Feel free to call me Koda or Chrome but I'd honestly prefer Koda! That's what most people on RPR calls me because of my username. 
  2. I'm a music student ooc so hell yes come to me if you have any questions about music!
  3. My ooc self and my ic self tend to be VERY different from each other and for this reason, please don't think that I hate you if my character isn't fond of you. Also, my other characters are : Erina and Rielle.

** Please read this before messaging me to RP!

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"It's all worth it, if it's for you."


Availability: Open.

Rating: T/M

Genres/tags: Drama, Angst

Warnings: Extremely heavy angst.


basically this person is someone her family 'adopted' because her mother has something against their family and like this person is actually her first love who lost his memories of them :') and there's a ton of misunderstandings between them and basically they think that mirinae is scheming against them but the truth is that she's trying to protect them like she's even willing to sacrifice her own life for him. you end up getting the same poison and the only way to save them is through blood transfusion. throughout the entire plot, they misunderstand rin and think that she's evil but the truth is that rin was forced to do certain things and rin has to watch the person fall in love with someone else bcs the person doesn't remember her


Scenario Title


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Mirinae's timeline


Chapter One till..?

Below is just a simple timeline of Mirinae's life for easier reference. More can definitely be added in between!

Feel free to ask if you have any questions about her.

  1. 1997 (0 year) 
    • Birth : Dallas, Texas.
  2. 1999 (2 years old)
    • Diagnosed with Ventrical Septal Defect
    • Banned from leaving the house, swimming and other extreme sports.
  3. 2000 (3 years old)
    •  Goes to kindergarten.  
  4. 2002 (5 years old)
    • Elementary school. 
    • Exposed to the world where her parents work. 
    • Parents discovers her passion for marine life.
  5. 2007 (10 years old)
    • Graduates elementary school at the top of her class.
  6. 2008 (11 years old) 
    • Middle school.
    • Bullying begins.
    • Mirinae shuts herself off from the world and chooses the company of the ocean. 
    • Rises to the top of her class.
    • Makes the decision to pursue marine biology.
  7. 2010 (13 years old)
    • Graduates middle school as the top of her class. 
    • First pet : Prince (German Shepherd) 
  8. 2011 (14 years old)
    • High schol.
    • Bullying gets worse.
    • Gets through with concentrating on her dreams and future plans.
  9. 2015 (18 years old)
    • First scheme against her ; the popular girl asks a boy to fake being interested in her and takes her to prom before proceeding to publicly humiliate her.
    • Decides that she actually hates parties.
    • Encounters a sea turtle whom she grows close to and names Mika. 
    • Graduates high school as the top of her class and gains a full scholarship.
  10. 2016 (19 years old) 
    • Begins class at Eckerd College, Florida. 
    • Remains as the top of her class.
    • Encounters Mika in Florida and begins to realize something odd.
  11. 2019 (22 years old)
    • Begins internship at Paradisi Marine Biology center. 
    • Heart problem begins showing up once more.
    • Gets physically weaker.

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a girl's lament


I've always wondered..

What if death wasn't coming after me? What if.. I had a second chance at life? 

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The song that speaks out


listen before i go

billie eilish

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small ooc message



This character's based on an idea that I got where I wanted a character who gets extremely ill but is still optimistic about life and tries her best to make the best out of each day.

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