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My Mate (One day Future Wife)- Kim Jongin

Meet the love of my life~ Jongin if you are reading this, I want you to know that I love you so much. You are the one I’ve been looking for all this time. You are my soul mate. I’m not going to ever let you go <3 I love you Jongin

Son- Lee Mark 

Markie my son~ Papa Hunnie love you so much. I know this is my first time being a father figure to someone, but I want you to know that I’m truly grateful to call you as my son. I will always be there for you as you grow older alright. Papa Hunnie will watch over you and protect both you and your mama.

Brother- Junmyeon Kim

Myeonnie hyung~!! I’m so happy that we found each other again after so many years not seeing one another. I’m glad we bumped into one another back at the cafe. You are still the role model I once remembered back in the orphanage, always still having my back. Heh don’t ever forget your favorite dongsaeng!! And I want you to always know that I am truly thankful to call you as my older brother. You are very important to me. I’m always here if you ever need me~ Remember I always got your back too!
Son (first born)- Oh Hanuel {Beta that can't conceive}

Son (2nd born) - Oh Leo {Alpha}

Son (3rd born)- Oh Seungmin (Beta that can't conceive) 

oh sehun
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3rd pov background story of where sehun came from.
Sehun wasn't born in any ordinary wolf family. In fact, he was a hybrid. His father used to be in one of the Wolf packs for the Ohs. They were considered being one of the protectors to help prevent hunters from killing other innocent lives of their wolf clan. It was said that once the leader passes away, the ranking as general will be passed down to sehun's father; however, Sehun's father had other plans. following his curiosity instead, his father ended up moving out from the wolf pack and settled in the human world meeting the love of his life who was a beautiful human being. Sehun's father fell in love with a human and ended up having a child after Sehun's father showed his true form to his wife that full moon during his rut. His wife was completely caught off guard from this, but The love they had for each other didn't prevent them from separating with each other. So they ended up taking a risk on having a family of their own in this forbidden love. The first child was Sehun's older brother who is older than him by 3 years. Everything seemed perfect in the life of Sehun's parents, but that was until After Sehun was born. Sehun's father went out to hunt for meat for his lover and kids but at the same time, he didn't realize that would also be his last time in this world after a gunshot was heard piercing over at his body twice as soon as he entered the woods. Luckily one of his former wolf friends was around that time and launched over at the hunter who shot sehun's father. The last words his father said was, "Please watch over my lover... Tell her and the kids that I'm sorry and that I love them." With his final breath, Sehun's father passed away leaving his friend with a duty to notify this to his friend's wife.   

When Sehun's mother heard the news of her lover passing away, she burst into tears causing the newborn baby sehun and his older brother to cry along. It was a tough year for his mother because she had zero experience and knowledge when it comes to taking care of 'wolf children.' Luckily Sehun's father friend insisted on helping out for sehun's mother to help take care of her kids and this lasted for 6 years. Sehun was taught to hide his wolf form, sometimes his wolf-ear would appear causing his mother to panic making him and his older brother wear a hoodie or hat to prevent them from being caught from hunters lurking around in the city. Sehun's older brother was considered to be more of an active wolf while sehun remained as the quiet wolf. When sehun was coming home from Kindergarten, His father's friend picked up Sehun covering him with a hoodie leaving Sehun confused. Sehun could hear gunshots being heard nearby his house with familiar screams that sounded like his mother. Sehun was lost with words unsure what is going on as he looked straight over at the adult wolf who held onto him as he gave a pity and guilty look, "Your mother and brother aren't coming back... your mother told me to take you to the safest place." Tears started to pour down in the 6-year-old eyes as he weeps in the arms of the wolf who watched over him those years when his father wasn't around. From that moment sehun's world change. From living in the human city, Sehun was taken to the island of civilization where wolves live together. He became an orphan after losing his mom, dad, and brother from the hunters; however, Sehun's father's friend, who was the leader of the orphanage ended up watching over Sehun more and treated him more like a parent showing him the life in this island. It took time for Sehun to open up in a  new surrounding especially since he is a kid who always relied on his mother or brother. With that, Sehun change from being a quiet wolf to a more open wolf finally opening up as years go by, becoming friends with the rest of the other orphanage. He started to become a hyung watching over the younger pups as he grew older usually helping the owner of the orphanage when figuring out that was also a doctor. Sehun started to have a goal in life to do the same by becoming a doctor and helping out others. As he worked hard during his school years, he graduated and became a family doctor at the age of 25 years old and is now working at the hospital checking up on patients in all ages making sure they are healthy and during his free time he would volunteer to go to a small clinic and help take care of the pups who are sick and in need for medicine.
Kim Jongin
July 28, 2019
On July 28, 2019, I would like to announce to you all that I have found the love of my life.  I would like you to meet my mate  Kim Jongin. He brings me happiness and his warm loving smile. During the winter event, I knew it was time to ask for him to be my Mrs. Oh. Before I went down on my knees I made sure to receive the blessing of his parents before proposing. Now, not only is my Jongin my mate, but he is also engaged with me and we will be getting married soon in the future. 
If you're more curious about who I am 
what I like

I can't say no when it comes to food. I love food rather than like. If you ever wanna go out and dine then I am more than happy to join along. I'm a big boy so I have a big appetite. I also love visiting the orphanage when I have time. When I get the chance to have volunteer hours I would visit the orphanage and give a check-up to see all the children's health making sure they are healthy. 

what I dislike

I dislike the idea of seeing others unhappy, I hate it when seeing kids getting bullied and being an outcast for being different. as much as I hate humans, I can't entirely hate them after having a human mother... 


In my free time, I would either stay in my room at the Alpha residence or I will be out either at a cafe to grab a cup of coffee or at the orphanage to spend time with the pups.


my biological parents and older brother died back when I little so the only family I had was the head of the orphanage who took me in. He became like a master/ another dad to me so I am grateful for having him take me away from the human land and showed me how to control my wolf form. 


I really don't have a specific interest if this question is about love. I guess it only matters with destiny. Destiny will come and I will meet the love of my dream and claim him mine.


I can't really think of any talents about me or if I do have a talent. I guess you can say I am talented in saving lives heh. Honestly, if you spend time with me, maybe you can find a hidden gem in me so please let me know if you figured out what I'm talented in. 

Other scenarios
Monster ╱ Jongin 
Ever since they arrived back to the island with no sign of their first son (Juhoon), Sehun has been captured and was injected with a substance experimented on the unknown creature. Now with the fluid is flowing in the vein of Sehun, He is slowly beginning to change and develop a second personality where he has no control.
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Oh Sehun
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Family Doctor/ (mostly a Pediatrician) 
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My beautiful Omega 
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