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sinna moon

sinna moon

sinna moon

the snow which falls on me falls like petals, when the burning firewood makes a noise and the frozen sky darkens.

nakahara chuuya, song of upbringing

Basic Information


  • OC Name: Sinna Moon.
  • Nickname(s): Sin, Cinnamon, Summer, Siren beneath the Moonlight.
  • Date of Birth: January 10 (19).
  • Zodiac Signs: Capricorn. Dragon.
  • Place of Birth: Golden Province.
  • Species: Thalassan.
  • Occupation: University Student.
  • Current Residence: Galini.
  • Spoken Languages: Korean, English, Japanese — basic Mandarin, French, and German.
  • ual Orientation: Aual.
  • Romantic Orientation: Demiromantic.
  • Relationship Status: Single, not looking.
  • Moral Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
  • SNS/Username: @moonshine.


  • Faceclaim: Lee Jinsook / WJSN Yeoreum.
  • Height: 161cm.
  • Weight: 42kg.
  • Hair Color: White (original) ; Purple (currently).
  • Eye Color: Sikkens.
  • Piercings: Three on the left, two on the right, one L lobe.
  • Tattoos: A small intricate crescent beside her right eye with a star in the center.
  • Scars: None.
  • Clothing Style: Preppy modern. Styles her outfit for both comfort and fashion, and has quite a good sense of fashion as well. She tends to wear skirts when she's lazy, and will often go for long sleeves. Lots of dresses, frills sometimes, but prefers skirts and shorts over dresses nowadays.

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daughter of the moon

adriana figueroa

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History / about / bio


a siren's song beneath the moonlight

Do... Re... Mi?

The music room in the mansion was her first stage. 

Ever since she was young, her hands only itched to play the intruments that adorned the music room. Music was what filled the empty hallways during the day, and at night under the moonlight, it was her voice that echoed throughout the vast space of the garden.

The garden in the mansion was her second stage.

The songs she sang touched the hearts of anyone who would stop and listen, and anyone who would hear the young girl sing would claim that she held the voice of an angel, soothing to the ears, a melody one could never get tired of.

The world outside the mansion was her third stage.

With each note she played, it rang within the hearts of her listners. Any instrument she touched became a tool that casted a serene spell onto any stage she stepped into. This effect was called the Moonlit Song, and everyone revelled on it. 

A siren that sang beneath the moonlight... that was the name that followed Sinna Moon. A night fairy to those who sought serenity during restless nights. A sun goddess to those who spent tired mornings. 

The girl with an angelic voice and golden hands — that was what she was.

"But Sinna darling, we expect nothing less than perfection from you. You are a Moon, first and foremost, and we are meant to create melodies."

Born to a pair of musicians hailed as prodigies during their prime, it was no surprise to find Sinna becoming musically inclined as well — and like her parents, no one was surprised as well, when she proved herself to be a prodigy. That was to be expected, they would say. She is a Moon, after all.

Sinna loved music, truly. It was her whole life, the only thing that lit a passion within her tiny body. She truly enjoyed singing, and even more so playing for others to hear. Yet as she grew up, her parents had gone stricter. They wanted her to continue their legacy, you see, and she wanted nothing more than just that. 

But the training was harsh — she was punished for the smallest of mistakes. A hit to the back of her thighs instead of her hand. No, they couldn't afford to risk hurting her hands enough for her not to be able to play again. One late note? Hit! One wrong note? Hit again! 

And it became an endless cycle, that did nothing but put expectations after expectations over her shoulders; pile too much stress that her petite shoulders were barely able to handle. 

Until one day, it felt as though she was being drowned whenever her fingers touched a string or a key. It felt as though she was being drowned whenever she opened to sing. Eventually, she stopped playing. After all, what kind of a musician would she be if she couldn't even hear the notes she played and the lyrics she sang without feeling as though she was drowning?

Naturally, her parents were disappointed. The looks on their faces hurt her pride and heart, yet she still refused to play any instruments, in fear that any more would cause her to hate the water she lived in as much as she began to dislike the instruments she once loved.

She was fourteen when her hands had gotten hurt for the first time in her life. Instead of treating her immediately, she was greeted back home with too much scolding, along with a punishment that involved locking her up in the music room, stating, "You won't leave until you play a single note!"

That was the worst night of her life.

The morning after, she ran away. It was dangeorus, she knew, too aware that she might have not even survived the outside world without the help of her guards or even servants. But still she ran away — she wanted to be away, wanted to escape her family, the music room, wanted to be far away from music. 

She hadn't known what she expected when she had emerged to the surface, when she threaded the warm sands of the land, but... she didn't think it would be peaceful. Quiet. There was no one who knew who she was, and even with the limited time she was given, she found the tranquility she was seeking.

So, as dangerous as it might be, she began visiting the surface more often than she should be — to escape, to not have to think about anything.

She was sixteen when she completely stopped trying to play any instruments; when she quit singing. years after, she still can't play any without feeling suffocated. Her parents still hate her for it, up to this day. She says she doesn't care — but she has managed to silence the lull of the instruments after fighting the urge to play for so long.

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— a prodigy, first and foremost. hailed a musical genius 。
— as a child, she was really cheerful and passionate about music, and she was incredibly ambitious as well, stubborn to the point of not sleeping just to keep playing。
— those traits however, disappeared the moment her enthusiasm over her passion was lost。
— she will not do anything that she doesn't think is necessary。"If I don't have to do it, I won't do it. If I have to, then make it quick."
— despite her lack of reaction to most things, she's honestly the most curious child one will ever meet. she asks a lot of questions about every single thing she doesn't understand, and seeks knowledge almost as much as she used to love music。
— she cares far too much, yet she acts like she doesn't. she does a good job at pretending she's emotionless and unfeeling, but she's quite the sympathetic lady and feels a lot of things much more than she should。


Sweets — Peace and quiet — Ocean waves — Books, lots of them — LIbraries


Music — Instruments — Singing — People asking her to play — Noise — Her parents


Reading — Stargazing — Swimming — Reading (2)


Playing any kind of instruments, or even just listening to someone sing。


Bites her nails when she's deep in her thoughts — Clicks her tongue a lot when she's annoyed — Is left-handed — Eats a lot of sweets when stressed, but surprisingly she doesn't gain too much weight

bad habits

Nail biting — Ignoring her problems when they need to be talked about — Stress eating — Pushing her limits

wants & desires

She secretly wants to be able to play instruments and sing again without feeling scared of it。

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Out of Character



  1. Call me Nana or by my muses' names. I don't mind which.
  2. GMT+8. Mostly online during the night and weekends. Activity is most likely a 7/10.
  3. Third > First. Rooms > Wals > PMS. Plotting and any ooc business fall into pm! For any admin inquiries, feel free to PM the Galini characters.
  4. Length varies, but will usually go semi-para to novella real quick, depending on the muse. I mirror as well.
  5. Please approach me with a plot in mind or at least a vague idea. We can work on it together afterwards.
  6. Do not poke me until after 10 days. I'll ignore or drop the thread. Do not rush me.
  7. No limits when it comes to genres. is questionable, this character doesn't do that.

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Note about This Section!

** Try to form at least two types of relationships with other roleplayers.


♆ Bastian Maddox

  • Availability: Open/Taken.
  • Type of Relationship: Best Friend / Childhood friends.
  • Species: Thalassan/Terran.
  • Preferred Gender: Any.
  • Recommended Age: Same age range. Preferably on the younger side though.
  • Occupation: Any.
  • Moral Alignment: Anywhere between good and neutral.

The only one who was by her side for most of her life. You've known her the longest other than her parents, and for whatever reason, the two of you stuck together, creating an unlikely friendship. You were there the first time she first started music, and you were there too, when she stopped. Your presence became a constant in her life, and it became one she sought out. When she would feel suffocated, she would come to you. And you, like always, would welcome her with open arms.


♆ Atticus Eun

  • Availability: Open/Taken.
  • Type of Relationship: Older sibling figure.
  • Species: Thalassan/Terran.
  • Preferred Gender: Any.
  • Recommended Age: Same age range.
  • Occupation: Any.
  • Moral Alignment: Anywhere between good and neutral.

The first time you meet is one of the last few times Sinna sang or even touched an instrument. Performed once before on land, when her parents still held confidence and pride for her, she practiced alone at midnight by the beach, accompanied by no one and nothing but her voice and the moon above. Her song filled the empty beach, and it left you starstruck. Days after, you stil hear the song playing in your mind, but when you came back to the beach, you couldn't find her. Years later, the two of you meet again when she hears you sing a song she thought has long been forgotten.


♆ Name

  • Availability: Open/Taken.
  • Type of Relationship: Rivals.
  • Species: Thalassan/Terran.
  • Preferred Gender: Any.
  • Recommended Age: Same age range.
  • Occupation: Any.
  • Moral Alignment: Anywhere between good and neutral, maybe evil too, if it fits.

You have always considered Sinna Moon as a rival, even when she herself doesn't see you as one. All you've wanted is to be better than her, become the number one musician of your generation. You hate that she doesn't acknowledge you as her rival, and you did your best to make her look at you as such, but when she goes and stops playing, you feel betrayed by this 'surrender.' Angered, you're constantly in a hostile behavior around her, often challenging her to play again just so you can prove you're better. 

Can be a rivals to friends plot. Rivals to lovers too, but romance isn't necessary.


♆ Name

  • Availability: Open/Taken.
  • Type of Relationship: Teacher - Student / Possible friend.
  • Species: Thalassan/Terran.
  • Preferred Gender: Any.
  • Recommended Age: Same age range or older.
  • Occupation: Any.
  • Moral Alignment: Anywhere between good and neutral.

You are fond of music, but unfortunately, you're still pretty bad at it. Cue you trying to get Sinna to teach you the moment you find out she does music too.

Fair warning — I know little about music, and the lessons will just be pretty vague. Plots will be mainly soft and fluffy!

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Warnings: Put those here.


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