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Find me stuffing food in my face inside bighit’s building 25/7, full time hubs to choi jinhwan and a happy faudder of twins. Just an average man with bicc dreams, surviving the bipolar weather of the world and saving others by staying at home and fighting bad guys on video games. Highly questionable as a person, but nonetheless a great supplier of crackheadery.
my vow
Here comes the vows. the part that breaks down my hard shell and completely makes me vulnerable in front of you amongst all eyes before us today...
I love you. The words that I’ll forever rehearse over and over again before I’m able to gain enough confidence to say them for a perfect moment like this. Thankfully I didn’t stutter when I said it and thankfully you’re still here in front of me after all of my idiotic tendencies that I expose myself towards the world and mostly you; my love, my wife, my nugget.
Who knew words would come so easily to express my infatuation towards you, that all these good things, good memories would all come rushing in and tell me “this is your wife. he’s there for you till the world spontaneously combusts into another set of stars for the galaxy to hold”
I never quite knew how to try and become the person people want me to be but you showed me that I could be myself and you’d still love me no matter what. I’m not smart, I’m not the most compatible when it comes to certain things...but with you- you make it seem normal, seem embrace me with your tiny body and I feel the fuzz just rush all over within my chest. You know, you don’t panic as much as you use to anymore...back when I’d converse with you, whether it’d be about our farm and kids or even your itty’ve learned to not hide away and hyperventilate in a ditch...
You make me the hep happiest bean. My forever and ever. Still like before, “a date here, a honeymoon there, even the day where we become old geezers at those retirement homes. i'll still be smiling like an idiot until i have only gums to show, i'll still be holding your hand even if they can barely hold on from shaking so much, and i'll still say i love you even if my heart stops, those will be the last words that will come from these lips”
I’m not giving up on those can bet my entire life on that...these words, they aren’t my everyday, they’re my one of a kind. Those past lovey dovey statements I’ve made were for Kim Jinhwan. These words, coming past these lips today; these words are for my wife. Kang Jinhwan.
This is a new start of our life together as husband and wife. Where we share laughs, concerns, where we cry over a dropped donut and do some stupid things together. I’ll be able to hug you in our bedroom on a sunny spring day, teetering side to side, us laughing and becoming smitten with one another, talking about how we’ve finally jumped our last obstacle...
Our future. Our fate. It only brings us together no matter where we are amongst the world.. I want to see you stomp around when you’re sulky or attempting to make me happy when I drop food on the floor ... It’s scary. How so much love I have for you- but it feels right...
“and now here we are, standing face to face within arms reach with only our words to keep us from locking lips at an instant”
I love you Jinhwan. I love you and our lovely farm, our doggo children; raiden, cloud, and nelliel...
I couldn’t have asked for a better life...when I already have one with you in it.
also a big shoutout to for giving me the most adorable petite buttnugget that I adore so much.. 5/5 stars hands down.
since ∞
My precious bb gnome, my buttnugget..
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my precious babies: nelliel, raiden & cloud

kim wooseok3:25:13 PMReply
jinhwan: my friend thinks you're cute
youngk: which friend? 
jinhwan: me. i'm the friend
kim seokjin 2 seconds ago Reply
kirby: :O
younghyun: what dat mouf do
song mino [A]2:55:05 AMReply
us: /talking about how brian never posts
brian: huLLO
yoon dowoon ✧ [ sh ] [A]2:53:10 AMReply
christopher bang11:52:41 PMReply
kim yerim 1 minute ago Reply
brian pops out at the weirdest times tbh
to admire jinan's snot bubbles
jung wooyoung 7 minutes ago Reply
hugs youngk
i love you right tit uwu

kim seokwoo 21 seconds ago Reply

nods and sprawls across yakult
you are the finest furniture in ikea

kim seokwoo 24 seconds ago Reply

falLS to the ground and but bear hugs yakult to bring him down too

huang renjun4:34:32 AMReply

the way i turn into a three year old in front of brian

song uwu dahye5:22:28 AMReply

we love you, too, brianson ♡
thanks for making us laugh this much. my lil mood maker

kim seokwoo 13 seconds ago Reply

i bruv you too man
best man best bro

kim seokwoo10:30:06 AMReply

ᵃⁿᵈ ʸᵃᵏᵘˡᵗ ᶦˢ ᵗʰᵉ ᵐᵒˢᵗ ᵇᵉᵃᵘᵗᶦᶠᵘˡ ʰᵒᵐᶦᵉ