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let out your inner beast before the year ends e u e merry christmas, my friend
2019 christmas from cupid jamm

you won this in a game:

Message: Hello, it is your guardian of the month! I'm just a new guy trying to get along, so I hope we can be friends after this. Hou hou house! Here is a box of chocolates and a couple rings for you to share with your loved one. Merry Christmas! 2019 secret santa

To my wolf.
I wish you merry christmas, happiness and love here are a few things i thought will make you happ made the cookies myself hyungseok 2019 christmas

2020 valentine received chocolate (hover):

2020 online event:


who's that boy

that's looking

back at me

i think i like you



Jungkook 5 minutes ago Reply

Damn In Guk has the moves.


Heecheon H9:05:49 PMReply

old people things.


Full Name: Seo In Guk
Age: 32
Top/Bottom/Switch: Top
How can you describe your character: Quiet and mature (or tries to appear so); a private person who would rather ask about the other person than open up about himself. He's generally calm and collected, a steady guy who can handle most crap thrown his way, mostly as a side effect of years of martial arts training.
Ideal guy: Someone bright and cheerful, an optimistic ray of sunshine that has no problem letting his emotions show honestly and freely (essentially the opposite of himself). Intelligent, and preferably someone he feels he can protect, because it'll give him a sense of usefulness.
Job: Martial arts instructor
A little about your character: His friends would say he has an overgrown sense of justice, just because he's always had this thing about looking out for the underdog. It actually has nothing to do with justice - it stems from insecurities on his part, after spending years of his childhood feeling overlooked and insignificant. He started martial arts in middle school, and over time, that was what "saved him" and molded him into the man he is today. Seeing those who are quieter or tend to get left behind in the shadows always reminds him of his past self, the Seo In Guk who he's locked deep down inside, and pretends he's grown away from. He believes that as long as he can appear confident on the outside, someday the inside will catch up.
Preferred POV: 3rd

OOC: Just gonna put this out there but my timezone is +9 and I work full time, so if you wanna rp or plot don't wait for me to be online, just message me. I try not to bite.