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◆ ten leechaiyakul 1 second ago Reply

if i'm not nice... i'll owe you one (1) favor


◆ ten leechaiyakul 23 seconds ago Reply

i will be nice
as eunwoo





◇ song yuqi12:16:03 AMReply

i do im just a tsun :<


◇ song yuqi [⁰²²⁵]5:39:04 PMReply

his joy and adoration is quite infectious, for she finds herself cheesing just as wide even in the middle of being smooched. and as her arms move to allow her hands to claim hold of his cheeks, her pretty petals press against his twice more, then once more, and again just in case because he's absolutely sweet. a gentle bubble of laughter spills between their lips and she very, very faintly mumbles out: i love you, dearest hubby, song yukhei! with all my being.