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2020 most envied couple: lee seonghwa x kwon jiyong 3rd


2020 sunshine of the new era
2020 had a kinkiest valentine night

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merry christmas e u e shine bright all night
2019 christmas from cupid jamm

Message: Merry Christmas! I know it will be for me, because I have you in my life. You've brought back a lot of things that I didn't know I was missing. You're a fantastic person, and anyone would be lucky to call you their friend. Thank you for everything, and let's toast with this blue punch thing to a Merry Christmas and even greater things in the new year.
From your Secret Santa 2019

To Jiyong
Take care of Mondon and don't make him cry. Merry Christmas seok 2019 christmas

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dude~ i miss seeing you around you know please eat this and show up more, okay? thank you for not abandoning us and staying here! from cupid jamm

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Kwon Jiyong
Age - 31
Switch, but mostly top
Ideal guy - Someone smarter than him who can keep him entertained, he doesn’t really like cuties
Job - Film director
A little about the character -
Coming from a family of technology industry magnates, Jiyong was never allowed to pursue the arts, but always ended up cutting school and hanging in the wrong crowds. After he came out, his father disowned him, and he went to live with his sister, he slowly started shooting music videos for some rapper friends, then short films, and project after project, he’s become a big deal in the film industry.
He knows how to make things happen and his ambition has no boundary. However he’s forgotten what it's like to have a relationship, he's become uncomfortable around touching and he doesn't know if he knows how to love, but mostly he doesn't know if he can be loved 
After a horrible year of things he rather not talk about, he's realized he needs to try to reach out to people again, and his sister convinced him to give the program a shot. 
POV, any is fine, but I like script third

 from Lee Seonghwa

 from Lee Seonghwa

 from Lee Seonghwa

 from Lee Seonghwa

 from Lee Seonghwa

 from Lee Seonghwa

 from Lee Seonghwa