kim seokwoo3:56:41 PMReply

jiwon: walks into her dorm
the wall of her dorm: has "jiwon i love you" spelled out in holes punched out by me

kim seokwoo Nov 14, 2019 20:45:27 Reply History 

don't not open this at all costs okay? you better not alright? if you don't not i'll be really sad, so don't, okay?

kim seokwoo4:23:21 PMReply

i'm only tall so i can contain my love for jiwon

park chaeyoung [A] 29 seconds ago Reply

;alskdgj jiwon will bREATHE and seokwoo will cry in happiness

kim seokwoo8:40:15 PMReply

sorry ma'am but the only i'd look at is jiwon's and only with permission

kim seokwoo7:23:32 PMReply

jiwon: runs towards me with flamethrowers
me: aha come over here cutie ?

ahn solbin8:08:43 PMReply

if i were rating rowoon and jiwon's relationship i'd give it a 10/10

kim seokwoo6:45:15 PMReply

jiwon: texting me
me: ( ᵕ̤ ‧̫̮ ᵕ̤ ) she's so cute aha
toilet: bro it's been 6 hours can you like get off

kim seokwoo4:02:43 PMReply

i, kim seokwoo, am a for park jiwon