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kim namjoon Feb 7, 2020 15:15:53 Reply History 

This wouldn't be the last, babe because I know I love you more than what I'm expressing to you right now. ♡ /embraces my arms around your figure and kisses your lovely face back.
Because you are special, and a precious person, babe ❤️

lee minho [A]8:45:44 PMReply

everyone is gay for sana

lee chaeeun2:17:16 PMReply

I'm really gay for Sana...

park chanyeol2:22:11 PMReply
then i'm sanaual

na ungjae2:22:42 PMReply

Everybody is sanaual

lee chaeeun2:22:39 PMReply

thats cute Sanaual

park chanyeol2:22:27 PMReply

a whole uality for sana.

lee minho [A]2:23:08 PMReply

lee minhyuk2:22:54 PMReply
na ungjae 4 seconds ago Reply
Everybody is sanaual

park chanyeol2:27:46 PMReply

sana minatozaki4:22:13 AMReply
when yeol could swoon any girl's heart with his lyrical words tsk

paint me yellow
and color me bright
for it is you
who brought me joy and light <3

na ungjae2:30:21 PMReply

You could probably advertise that to everyone
We’re all sick, sleep deprived strugglers that are sanaual

park chanyeol2:31:09 PMReply

sanaual; a movement i support

park chanyeol2:53:36 PMReply


@ sana

lee minho [A]3:18:08 PMReply

take care sana noonaaaaa

na ungjae3:18:00 PMReply

Be back soon Goddess noona

park chanyeol Jan 15, 2020 15:16:11 Reply History 

You make beauty seem such a simple word
For there's none that can truly define yours <3

park chanyeol7:13:15 PMReply

Sana, my cutiepie

park chanyeol1:52:14 PMReply

sana the banana


choi san [A]1:52:42 PMReply

jeon wonwoo20:52:01Reply
Sanas always a mood

park chanyeol1:52:56 PMReply

that’s right my type

choi san [A]1:53:09 PMReply

in this househOLD WE STAN SANA

na ungjae1:58:03 PMReply


park chanyeol2:31:14 PMReply

Man. I create the most rad phrases

And now sana banana

park yuri2:30:21 PMReply

her nickname from me is sana banana

perrie edwards2:39:16 PMReply

ofc i love you, sana

Sana minatozaki


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