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History001 #bio

Humble Beginnings

Despite all appearances of this city girl, Boa was born in the rural county of Hoengseong and grew up on a ranch raising Hanwoo cattle with her parents and two older brothers. She was raised in the country; riding horses, tending cattle, and wrestling with her big brothers. It’s no small stretch to say that she was a bit of a tomboy and those more masculine traits followed her all throughout school and into her career.

Her childhood was full of warmth, comfort and relative normalcy. While not rich, she didn’t really lack for anything even if she didn’t originally want much beyond the fields which she freely roamed. There her imagination ran wild and she created such adventures with her brothers and the other workers, often pretending to be heroes from American westerns and the like. Those films which her father so loved were her introduction to entertainment and she ended up sharing his adoration for them and more because they were the places where her way of life was romanticized and glorified rather than mocked like at school.

Boa graduated top of her class in high school and secured scholarships to one of the top universities in Korea, Sogang University. At university she continued to excel, focusing primarily on studies and more or less neglecting social activities. She graduated 4th in her class and from there accepted a position at the entertainment company she had been interning at during her courses. SM Entertainment seemed like the absolutely perfect fit.

Things at the company went well and she was able to move up the ranks as well as furthering her education. Boa was young, bright, passionate, and full of intuitive ideas that helped capitalize on the company’s strengths and investments. Beyond that, she was driven to succeed and seize power; not out of a desire to gather influence or anything but rather because she felt so strongly that she was the right person for that job. Her position was her purpose.

By 30 she was invited to share the Executive Director position with the old Executive Director’s son. He was a mess of a man and she understood her job was basically to keep the company running while covering for his mistakes, saving face of the company itself and the man who had been her mentor. Well, originally he had thought to marry the pair off but the younger never showed up to any of the dates sober and had permanently closed off any chances of future nuptials by declaring her an ice queen, if she was a woman at all, and then dumping an entire plate of noodles in her lap. After that fifth and final attempt, Boa was simply promoted and given the task of taking care of everything. It’s a story she has never told anyone and only the staff at the restaurant know what happened but they were quickly paid off and signed non-disclosure agreements.

Since then she started trying to branch out and broaden her horizons in regards to her personal life. Boa was secure enough in her job that she felt she finally had the time to focus on finding a significant other but all attempts at securing a prolonged companionship had failed, many before the end of the first date. She was beginning to lose hope when an advertisement for the show played in its bright and vibrant colors across her television screen. Before the commercial was even over she had picked up her laptop and began the application process. Maybe this was the answer to her problems.

about boa002 #personality

Personality She is somewhat cold at first, awkward, and very business-like or Formal until she is comfortable enough to lower her walls and let others in. Underneath it all she is a romantic and a giant dork.

Likes Dogs, Horses, Cooking, Baking, Reading, Music, Dancing, Old Western Movies and others from the golden age of cinema.

Dislikes Rudeness, Lies, Disrespectful Behavior and Endless Paperwork.

Hobbies Cooking, Baking, Reading and Dancing

Secrets Get to Know her

Fears Failure

The Quirks Fun Facts About boa.
— Does John Wayne impersonations.
— Dances while cooking and Baking.
— Watches movies while cuddling a giant Totoro.
— Loves Star Wars and Star Trek.
— Buys Christmas Presents Year round.
— Collects fun socks.

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Kwon BoA

Executive Director




Enneagram Type 8