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I knew from the first time, I'd stay for a long time...
I knew from the first time, I'd stay for a long time...

i know i don't say i love you enough but i love you.


and the only reason i don't say it so much is because well, like i told you saying it is embarrassing. not in anyway that i am embarrassed of you but in a way that when i say it i'm just filled with so much emotional and it makes me flustered to feel so much for you.  because i did not see for us to come this far and seeing it for myself surprises me, there are days where i'm scared to show affection and so i try to hold back or just show a little bit of it. not that this is all new to me but the way that /you/ make me feel is very new. but after our little misunderstanding i learned how important it is to show you that i love you and how much i am thankful to just have you with me right now. 

i may be a brat and hard-headed and maybe just a bit too much at times but you deal with and take everything i give to you, nothing is more attractive than that. i genuinely love you and care for you, i don't take anything you've done for me for granted because i don't think i could have found anyone better even if there was someone who was better (which i'm pretty sure there's not) i would still want only you. just you.


So, it doesn't matter to me if we're together officialy or not. because i have you right now and i'll always be yours, everyone knows i'm crazy for you and how you much you affect me. i don't need to be called anything different because i'm already yours and that's all that matters. and i'll always be yours, just for you kim jongin. my wonderful, amazing, caring, sweet, and, loving man. who i would never ever trade for anyone else.


i love you ♥

Moon And Back

by alice kristiansen




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kim woosung [A] 11 minutes ago Reply
Hhhh kim jongin the things you do to me

kim woosung [A] 29 minutes ago Reply
But you’re so cute, so cute I could almost kiss you.

kang younghyun 41 minutes ago Reply

kim woosung [A] 7 minutes ago Reply
my cheeks heat up for a quick moment and I pull away to look at you, huffing softly which causes my fringe to fly up slightly
What do I need to do to make you forget you saw that?
+ note to self: he's so fuxkin cute : ( #whenhegetsflusteredforthefirsttime

kim woosung [A]01:08:31Reply
Hhhhh he drives me insane

kim woosung [A]06:02:28Reply
i just saw you but like hh i'm so happy to see you

kim woosung [A] 32 seconds ago Reply
u///u i kinda missed you

kim woosung [A]21:41:03Reply
hh he said my love dsdagf

kim woosung [A]22:14:28Reply
pats my stomach
jongin and i kissed so many times but still no baby

kim woosung [A]22:41:15Reply
hhhh if jongin doesn't me soon i'm gonna ride him myself

kim woosung [A]03:32:27Reply
listen, i like anything if it's you doing it jongin

kim woosung [A]04:11:34Reply
now go so i'm not tempted to hold you

kim woosung [A]04:11:26Reply
sdnjkd covers my eyes
+++ can someone tell him to stop being this cuTE

kim woosung [A] 2 minutes ago Reply

My baby daddy uwu