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Born in Daegu to a lower-middle class family, Kibum was the only child and for a time he was the center of their world. His father took to gambling and his mother to drinking as she tried to cope, both struggling to make ends meet and keep things together despite the tumult. They would fight and make up but the money would still be gone and their hardships would continue, creating a vicious and unhealthy cycle for the family. After a time and a near-miss with tragedy, Kibum was sent to live with his grandmother from the age of 5 until he graduated and entered the culinary field.

Food had been his passion for a long time as meals were some of the best ways to get everyone together happily for just a little while and as such, he treasured the power that they had. At an early age he began baking with his grandmother and then cooking. When he was old enough to work, he got a job in a local noodle shop washing dishes and bussing but he leaned everything he could and quickly worked up the ranks. He entered a culinary school at the famous Le Cordon Bleu in Seoul and then transferred to Paris. After that he took a job at the Castello di Vicarello in Tuscany and expanded on his understanding of Italian cuisine.

Europe was a wonderful learning experience for Kibum but he returned to Seoul when his grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. He took a job as a head chef at a swanky European style restaurant and stayed by her side until she passed a few years ago. Since then he has been a bit listless and stuck in his life, unsure of what his next goal could be until he saw the ads for Married at First Sight.




about kibum002 #personality

Personality He is mostly chill with a touch of sass. He can be warm and gregarious but it's hard to tell sometimes exactly how much someone means to him. 

Likes Cooking, Dogs, Music, Comics, travel, fashion

Dislikes bad food, feeling trapped, Negative people

Hobbies Cooking, Baking, Reading and Dancing

Secrets Get to Know him

Fears Spiders, Being Overlooked, Failure

The Quirks Fun Facts About kibum.
— loves to shop
— Can never seem to put on weight
— Watches cartoons after work
— speaks several languages
— keeps his place immaculately clean
— Collects recipes

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Kim Kibum

head chef




Enneagram Type 1