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Born and raised in Jeonju, Hyejin’s early life was marked with many struggles and hardships. As a young child, her parents divorced after her mother found her father cheating and then the pair of them had hard times paying bills and maintaining their lives without him. At first she received cards and calls from the man, supplemental income, and then nothing as he re-married and started a whole new family. Hyejin and her mother were forced to move between relatives in an extremely conservative area and era where many considered them to be less than. It gave Hyejin a large chip on her shoulder and an inner strength that she would carry with her always.

With divorced parents and a thicker body-type than many would consider attractive, Hyejin was often the target of bullying at school and at play. She was the ‘fat kid’ and mocked for being ‘ugly’ quite often and it used to make her cry but with her mother’s support and unconditional love, the child grew to appreciate herself and her differences over time. Her quick wit and growing confidence in herself despite the torment began making her friends and she eventually found her place to fit in.

Throughout her whole life, music had been there for her almost as much as her mother and from an early age she grew to love it. Her solace and catharsis was found in song, the one place where she felt accepted before the other children learned to appreciate her. Hyejin started off singing and dancing but she slowly started to toy around with writing as well as she entered her teens. At 16 she took a gamble and auditioned for SM Entertainment but she didn’t get in that year. The next year she tried again and a then talent scout named Kwon Boa saw her potential, singing her immediately.

Training was hard but after a few years, that same scout had risen in the company and pushed for Hyejin to debut so debut she did. The song was a moderate success in Korea but it was the international support where Hyejin found the bulk of her support. With the help of those around her she has continued to release albums and comebacks, often composing her own tracks and building steadily upon each success. Her next goal is to raise her profile by participating in a reality show called Married at First Sight.




about Hyejin002 #personality

Personality she is warm, vibrant, sarcastic, flirtatious and silly. Her jokes can be a bit naughty from time to time but mostly harmless and without meaning behind them. Hyejin prefers emotional connections over physical ones.

Likes music, singing, dancing, reading, writing, and cooking

DislikesRude people, negativity, hateful netizens, pineapple

Hobbies writing and composing songs, reading, trying new choreography, and shopping

Secrets Get to Know her

Fears snakes, drowning

The Quirks Fun Facts About hyejin.
— loves to shop
— has a favorite and bra set
— tends to burst into song randomly 
— secretly loves the color pink
— somewhat messy: organized chaos
— Collects teacups

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ahn Hyejin





Enneagram Type 8