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Maxence Danet-Fauvel07:54:55Reply
our broke : trying to find the cheapest laptops with the best specs.
yoona: yeets laptop out the window

Lee Jooyoung [A] 39 seconds ago Reply

yoona's beautiful

Jessica Oh 25 seconds ago Reply

deal! i appreciate you, yoona <3

Jessica Oh 36 seconds ago Reply

yoona's so wholesome akxncfdkslk T_T

Im Jinah [A]03:37:56Reply

we love you, yoona!

Lee Siyeon03:48:05Reply

sweater paws coos

Jessica Oh03:47:59Reply

yoona das precious

Im Jinah [A] 16 seconds ago Reply

yoona u fluffball

Jessica Oh 15 seconds ago Reply

it's ok yoona
you're the bright light in the darkness that is the rest of us

Jessica Oh04:09:57Reply

yoona we adore uuu

Im Jinah [A]05:38:16Reply

i can imagine yoona ending her wedding vow with: would you, my better half, time travel in this lifetime with me?

Jessica Oh01:15:02Reply

although i'm sure she'd freak out at first

Jessica Oh 4 seconds ago Reply

yoona would make a good mom too

Lee Siyeon01:24:05Reply

yoona is an amazing writer, give her so much love!!!!

Jessica Oh 13 seconds ago Reply

let me just intrude on this conversation and say that yoona is an amazing novelist! please do buy her book and give this series the love it deserves so she can end it off with a bang


im yoona

27 years old
novel writer

chapter 1.

Aloha, bonjour, I'm pixie, please give this a read before asking to rp • I DO NOT rp , not anything suggestive or remotely ty, but I'm open to nonual romantic relationships, skinship, affection, just mind that boundary.

I don't tolerate teasing, vulgarity, , s or drama. I won't hesitate to block you.

My timezone is gmt-5, but i'm on at random times so don't always trust the online sign • I'm good with either pov! • I'm an anxious person, so sometimes replies are slow or nonexistent but if I need to drop a plot, I'll be sure to let you know.

Please no c&p intros but I am open to random starters and wing rp, just don't force anything on me, godmod, disrespect, etc. Let's all be civil and treat each other nicely.

Pm for plots, i'll mirror length 90% of the time, i'm a relatively fast replier, respect and communication please, thats all i ask.

I prefer lighter genres; fluffy, warm, cozy plots are my favorite.

If you want to rp please don't hesitate to ask.

out of character

Yoona is akin to a summer rain, a quiet breath of fresh air that calms the world for a moment. She's the epitome of timid warmth, a gentle kindness that cannot be wavered even in tough situations. She loves cooking and caring for others, she's extremely passionate about animals, plants, gardening, laundry detergent and collecting sweaters. She's a little weak with humor and doesn't take sarcasm well, often misunderstanding what's really going on although she'll still smile even if it hurts her. She loves pastels and knitting, scrapbooking and watching ghibli movies - her favorite is The Secret World of Arrietty. She loves weather but is scared of thunder, she'll spend hours watching birds at her window and has a habit of biting her lip when she's thinking. She is awkward with compliments and affection, though she loves it all the same. She's an avid fan of starwars, all her plants are named after the characters, and she knows plenty of nerdy info on most comic or novel based films. She's very much a introvert, a nerdy hippy who makes DIY firefly jars and has a replica light sabre on her bedroom wall. Yoona is just a quiet girl learning how to live her life each day.

Yoona grew up in Colmar, France, the only child to a vineyard owner. She speaks both French and English fluently, and sometimes the two slip into a muddled blabber of what she calls 'Frenglish', the perfect mashup of both languages. She often doesn't go out very often, since she doesn't really have to, but she does enjoy going to the beach or the park. She has a very erratic sleep schedule, therefore she often has been known to call her friends at random hours of the night. Although she never persued it, Yoona pondered a career in botany, plant study and cultivation, as she loves them dearly. She raises plants like children, even talking to them, and can often spend hours in gardening sections of stores.

Yoona is always fairly shy, especially around someone she likes, but she's more likely to open up if you can share a passion - she'll spill stories and enthusiastic responses like a different person if you mention something she loves. She's quite timid, afraid of literally everything, but she often is an accident magnet even still. With a little company she's more spontaneous, but often her spontaneity consists of midnight baking sessions or Starwars marathons.

la vie est belle


Don't you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine, and life makes love look hard, the stakes are high, the waters rough, but this love is ours.

She's actually an incredibly shy, introverted person. She finds socializing very difficult but she tries, even if it fails miserably. "You smile, I smile. That's how it works."

She almost always wears dresses and sweaters, or variants of them such as sweatshirts or leggings. She prefers comfort over style, and has been known to wear sweaters even in summer since she gets cold easily. "Settle down with me, cover me up, cuddle me in."

She doesn't like seeing anybody sad or upset, a very soft sensitive soul, she wants to make others smile and will do things to ensure people are happy, such as gifts or baked goods. " I was enchanted to meet you."

She loves events and holidays, any excuse to decorate and make festive themed dishes or crafts. She owns a dozen ugly holiday sweaters and is the first one to decorate for the said holiday, usually a good month in advance. "Tell me, did you sail across the sun?"