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Leanna Decker




TEFL Certified instructor 

**Any mistakes or wrong words used by Leanna are intentional. She is still learning Hangul and Korean so please feel free to play with that **


History001 #bio

Born and raised in Tyler, Texas, this southern gal has always been instilled with a sense of wonder, adventure, and a caring nature that transcends all boundaries. As a child, she never really had a want for anything. Her father was a lawyer, her mother a nurse, and two older brothers that she could play with rounded out their well-off family of five. Leanna was a happy child and the product of a loving home so it was only natural for her to want to extend that care beyond herself at nearly every turn.

From a very young age she knew she wanted to be a teacher. Her father, who was her hero, made sure that she had a deep respect for knowledge and education as well as law and order. She did pretty well throughout school and earned a few grants to help her go to university at Baylor in Waco, specializing in early education. Leanna wasn’t top in her class but she was pleased with her rankings when she graduated and promptly returned to Tyler so that she could be closer to her family.

While it wasn’t quite her dream job she began teaching second grade at an elementary school not far from where she grew up and threw herself into her work. As much as she loved it, a feeling of wanderlust settled in over her heart and she knew she wanted to see more of the world than Texas or the places she visited on her family vacations. She wanted to experience it for herself so she went back to school to get certified and began teaching English as a foreign language. Shortly after that she was notified of an opportunity to go to South Korea as an English teacher and she jumped at the chance with both feet.

Leanna found herself in Seoul not long after and had basically just moved in when another teacher showed her the application form for Married at First Sight. Still filled with confidence and a desire to experience the unknown, she signed up for that too. She wasn’t sure they would even accept her given that she was a foreigner but when they did, she was thrilled to know that so much of her life was about to change.

about leanna002 #personality

PersonalitySweet, vibrant, and warm to everyone she meets. She is enthusiastic, caring and sometimes a little bit ditsy and doesn't always think things through.

Likes yoga, beaches, animals, children, Reading, Music, Dancing, old movies, and history

Dislikes mean people, liars, anchovies, and sunburn

Hobbies volunteering at animal shelters, reading, watching movies or documentaries, trying new foods and experiences.

Secrets Get to Know her

Fears spiders, heights, rejection

The Quirks Fun Facts About leanna.
— has a southern drawl that pops up even when she's speaking Korean but she hides it at work.
— sleeps
— has tattoos
— enjoys cleaning
— did some modeling
— Collects horse statues and figures

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leanna decker

esl teacher




Enneagram Type 2