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Jung jaewon
son of gaston
7 sins - sloth
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Lance, as he prefers to be called, is the handsome but snobbish punk son of Gaston. Being a mischievous, thick-headed and conceited jerk is a personality he got from his father.
He only started to rebel when he had enough of how embarrassing his father was.. to the extent of flirting with the evil queen which resulted in him having a sTePbRo (insert Adrian Grimhilde)
LAnce is a sneaky, confident yet emotionally unstable teenager. he was raised to believe that he must get everything and to forget others as well. He's vengeful when aggravated and he's into music as well.
As the son of gaston, lance struggled to make an identity for himself, always being compared to his father even for the looks that he has. He isn't fond of how friendship works but couldn't argue his way out if people ever tried to befriend him. lance also was never shown affection by his parent so whenever or if ever friends came along, he'd secretly cherish and protect that.
He tends to be very rough and enjoys fighting with others or pushing those that get in his way. 
+ Hobbies/Likes: Basketball, Softball, heavy metal (lead guitar in a band), Tea, doggos, Cigarettes and Bourbon, himself, pissing everyone, solitude, (lowkey attention seeker tbh lol)
+ Dislikes: sweets of any kind, anything that everybody else enjoys, raisins, dolls, talking about his father 
+ Flaws: injured left ankle from sports, sometimes insensitive and a bigot, allergic to seafood, mild ocd
► lofi - for the low mood