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kim jiwoo. 16 seconds ago Reply

iu is so nice i love her already

wong yukhei. 3 minutes ago Reply

goodnight suho #2

wong yukhei. 31 seconds ago Reply

kween trademarked the sksksksksk

kim junmyeon. 1 minute ago Reply

hhhh mi laaaaady pigeon cooooooooos

baek jiheon. 28 seconds ago Reply

And i love mama too

kim junmyeon. 1 minute ago Reply

hmmmm so i can stay awake to talk to you ♡

kim junmyeon. 10 seconds ago Reply

sweeeetheaaaart sghsjsksk did you just-- i cri. okay, here's my proposal--- okno. but i looooooove you. that's it- because the love itself can't be measured uwu if you want to know-- it would be from the sun to neptune c: or even to endless blackholeeee. because it's just tooo infinitee.

kim junmyeon. 4 seconds ago Reply

!!! you were never a fake pigeon :( youre a pigeon in the heart hhhh. that hmph should goooo u n u but thats cute uwu smooches your ipseul ♡ hmph once more and i shall smooch you- dghdhdhdkd in fact, you're my happy virus c:

baek jiheon. 51 seconds ago Reply

This is the only bebi i found for you mama

Imma get cheek pinched by haein

baek jiheon. 18 minutes ago Reply

Am,love,you,and papa too ok
Dun ever forget that
Even if im barely around

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kim junmyeon. 17 hours ago Reply

wiggles my way to sweetheart, nyams her shoulder u o u im nooooot, i will stay awake until i say good night to you and peck you a good night kisseu and tuck you in bed and so many things c: but ofc end it with i love you ♡

oh sehun. 30 minutes ago Reply


kim junmyeon. 38 seconds ago Reply

im proud of you

kim junmyeon. 46 seconds ago Reply


kim junmyeon. 7 hours ago Reply

and yes, i'm a crybaby and i don't care bcs you're jsut too precious sdflkajdflksjlkjf ;;;;;; aaaaaaaa

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lee jieun
❝For some reason, we met and we fell in love. For some reason, you came to me and you were with me.❞
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last updated: 03/30/20
the basics
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Full Name: Lee Jieun (IU)
Age:  26 years old
Occupation:  Soloist ✧
Likes: Uaena, Suho, Jiheon, friends, food, flowers, purple, listening to music, reading books, browsing the internet
dislikes:  Cold, crowded places, being left behind
listening to: I Like Me Better – Lauv
ideal date:  Anywhere decent is fine. May it be chilling in one of our places or staring at the stars while cuddling... as long as I'm with you, then it's more than enough. ♡
last updated: 03/30/20
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suho - let's love!
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Making memories with you is my favorite thing to do.

Dear Kim Junmyeon,

We started out as strangers, then pigeons (coos uwu) and now, we're the adorable and cutie couple. These months have been great and hopefully, the following will be just as great or maybe greater than the previous. Though I'm sure that if I'm with you, then everything will turn out the best. Thank you for being my number one supporter, future husband, cutie, and my one and only honey. I love you, okay? ♡

Yours truly,
Lee Jieun

P.S: I used that picture for you because you + baby is the cutest sight I've ever seen.
since: 10/27/19