oh sangwoo 17 minutes ago Reply

@dio brando haha you're so cute
I clearly remember you first said you love me sooo
how about we just do it now?
*clears my throat and summons my cornyass side, pulls out a human heart made out of chocolate I made last monday
Dio Brando, will you be my boyfriend?

oh sangwoo 2 minutes ago Reply

jealous wh a t excuse me why would dio be jealous can your boyfriend carve a heart out of a real person' heart?

I gib u mah hart dio hehe

ahri [A]4:07:25 PMReply

i want dio as a dad

oh sangwoo 35 seconds ago Reply

*holds dio's hand
you're my therapy, even though I'm a walking travesty you're there and with that, I know I could smile at everything

oikawa tooru [A]7:48:29 AMReply

lev and dio have the biggest crackhead energy in this rp tbh, even without the capslock


oh sangwoo 3 minutes ago Reply

do I wanna give dio that star necklace junpyo gave jandi


oh sangwoo 2 minutes ago Reply

I'm gonna have amnesia after a few days and I'll only forget about dio

oh sangwoo7:51:03 AMReply

and then dio is gonna like jump in a pool but he can't swim cuz he broke his arm from that kidnapping fiasco and I'm like "I don't even know this person but why do I feel like saving him" jok

oh sangwoo 30 seconds ago Reply

* that nasty butthole

oh sangwoo9:43:48 AMReply

succs dio's o

oh sangwoo9:43:58 AMReply

o like octo hASDHFA

oh sangwoo 3 minutes ago Reply


oh sangwoo2:15:45 PMReply

dio brando 24 seconds ago Reply
Sangwoo I can’t wait till we get married
I want to spend the rest of my life with you

oh sangwoo10:06:05 AMReply

@dio brando i wont give u a good ing. I'll give you the worst ing there is and you'll so hard cuz you're a nasty hoe and you'll never wanna think of anyone else besides me.

oikawa tooru [A] 3 seconds ago Reply

i missed you too my fav bara tiddied man <3

oikawa tooru [A] 17 seconds ago Reply


oh sangwoo 13 hours ago Reply

@dio brando

oh sangwoo 13 hours ago Reply

@dio brando

yachi hitoka11:11:48 PMReply

still would let dio break my back like a glowstick

kyo sohma12:28:03 AMReply
dio is his own species

mordred12:26:32 AMReply
giorno giovanna9:26:25 PMReply
dio are you ever not on crack