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❀ c. chanhee17:34:31Reply

uwu to my uwu fnfnfn
You’re the ooowoo sound to my uwu*eue

❀ c. chanhee 52 seconds ago Reply

HZBDB changmin my uwu friend uwu u so cute

❀ c. chanhee23:25:27Reply

I lob u too changmin uwu

❀ k. yuchan [A]12:30:05Reply

i really really appreciate every single one of you, and honestly this is the largest rp that I have ever run so sometimes I’m a bit overwhelmed. In a good way though! I would really like to continue to get to know all of you and make wonderful memories because you are all very precious to me! I wanna make this sappy post longer, but I’m on mobile so this will have to do. I’m not tagging anyone either so better save this post while you can

❀ l. jaehyun 1 minute ago Reply

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❀ j. changmin6:40:37 PMReply
me team hyunjae in the castle uwu

❀ k. yoohyeon 8 seconds ago Reply

@❀ j. changmin coos and coddles changmin up, placing him nice and comfy on my lap. i admire you so much for having this great ability of always being positive and optimistic, i adore having you around because you always manage to make the people around you happy and you deserve to be acknowledged for that. you don't show us much of your worries, but i do hope that one day, you'd be comfortable enough to open up to us and i can assure you we'll always be here for you. you're a great person and a lovely friend, i love you, thank you gor existing.