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ten♕12:18:49 PMReply

Jungwoo is my favorite uwu

liu yangyang♚5:40:40 PMReply

you breath and I swoon

kim jongdae 2 minutes agoReply

liu yangyang♚11:40:50Reply
your whole existence is cute
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February 19th, 1998







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do kyungsoo 12:47:05 AM Reply

me @ jungwoo


bonito niño 2 minutes ago Reply

@kim jungwoo thank you junguwu *kisses your cheek* you're my second favorite after markie. *rufffles your hair*


johnny suh 1:30:28 AM Reply
I love you too son-shine


jung juan 6 minutes ago Reply you're adorable. i wouldn't want you to change a thing, woo.


jung juan 1:59:34 PM Reply okay maybe bc i'm a er for you


kim dodo 9:32:10 AM Reply jaewoo and i doing that criss cross handshake in the corner after a business deal


jung jaehyun♟ 12:51:09 AM Reply
dw i'm a simp for you woo


selena-rosálina lee★ [A] 2:28:45 PM Reply

junguwu: lets go graffiti a wall
jae: *wearing a full out latex suit and holding whips*
jae: oh



Happiness comes when two hearts are equally warm. But, there's a demon who doesn't allow it. It makes the hot get hotter and the cold get colder. Can we survive this demon?