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: son hyejoo
: 19/freshman
: fashion design
: gmt+8
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Son Hyejoo


AGE: 19
MAJOR: Fashion design
status: freshman
ORIENTATION: aual; panromantic


 her story 

Son. The family name that carried through many generations. Struck by poverty but soon made a name for itself. Being born into a family of a successful businessman and businesswomen, her parents had many expectations they wanted their two daughters to uphold. Being the youngest one by 6 years, Hyejoo was put under tremendous pressure to be just as exceptional as her sister. Her parents wanted her to be a doctor just like her older sister, but Hyejoo didn’t want that. She found no joy in having to study medicine nor anything in particular until she was given a chance to design a costume for her school’s play. The feeling of gripping a pencil and sketching out whatever came to mind excited the girl so much that she made many costume ideas for the theatre department to choose from. The young girl received many praises and believed that she found the perfect career choice to take upon. However, hearing those words of a different career plan come out from the girl’s mouth made both of her parents enraged in anger. How could a Son take up fashion designing instead of business or medicine? What a disgrace. From that day on forward, Hyejoo knew that she had to pursue her dream without her parents in the picture.

From that day, her parents acted like she never existed. In their eyes, she was an outcast. Not letting them get to her, Hyejoo worked hard to get herself into a pristine and well-established university to pursue her interests. Of course, she couldn’t have done it without her sister’s support throughout all those years. A clear path was laid out for her, and she was ready to give it her all. .

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about me


Although Hyejoo lived a stressful and hectic life when she was young, she still held a positive mindset towards anything. Hyejoo is a kind individual who strives to be the best at what she does, resulting in her beating herself up over small mistakes. She is also a stubborn person when it comes to anything— whether it be in studies or challenges. Think she can’t go a day without her phone? She can do it with no ease. Think she can’t memorise a whole manuscript in 6 months? She can finish it in 2 months. Growing up in a harsh household she was told to have a thick skin when dealt with criticism but being an emotional child from the start made it impossible for her, which in the end followed her to the present day. All in all, Hyejoo is an affectionate person, and when she considers someone a true friend, she will stick by them even till death.


  • shopping
  • nature
  • dogs
  • rain
  • sunflowers
  • autumn


  • horror movies
  • pools/sea (has aquaphobia)
  • self-entitled people
  • asparagus
  • needles
  • smell of alcohol


  • sketching new ideas for outfits 
  • listening to music
  • leaf collecting and pressing


  • bites her lips when stressed out
  • blinks her eyes fast when on the verge of tears
  • talks to herself when focused

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hand in hand


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my promise


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a new page

 Breakfast club 

Undisciplined students from the past week have been assembled at the library on a Saturday morning to think over what they have wrongfully done. You have all been asked to write a 1000 word essay as a reflection on your past behaviour. You have 8 hours to do whatever, hang out and make friends with each other, finish the essay, or try to escape. The choice is yours. Be careful though— the professors have eyes and ears everywhere.

 how long has it been? 

You and Hyejoo were inseparable throughout your school years. You were each other's ride or die. You both understood and completed each other…So then how did you fall apart? Soon as the first semester of your freshman year rolled in, you both somehow lost touch with each other. You found your new group of friends while she found hers. Though she still missed the memories, you both shared. One fine morning you both bump into each other, locking eyes as reminiscences start to flood in. After all this time of ignoring each other, is there any way to mend your friendship back together?

 i've been waiting for you 

The moment you saved her from a near-fatal experience was the day Hyejoo had to know who you were. After accidentally tripping backwards down the stairs and you catching her, her heartbeat went through the roof. To say that moment was the most cliche thing to ever happen would be an understatement, but at that moment she knew you were the one. Unable to catch a glimpse of your face, Hyejoo decided to do the dumbest thing by leaning her back against many others after classes. It was her way of finding you when both of your backs touched each other from her fall. You are watching from afar— You can choose to stop her or let her tire herself out and approach her. It’s your decision.

 stop hating on me 

Ever since the day Hyejoo stepped in the class, you despised her. You heard about her family and how business-oriented they all are so why someone like her would choose fashion design as a career option? There were no major fights between you both, just passive-aggressiveness being asserted when in close contact with each other. You both have to now work on an assignment that’s worth 60% of your grade. Will things end smoothly or in a catfight?

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꿈은 이루어진다



 ooc things 

  • 3rd pov preferred
  • plotting > winging
  • rooms > walls
  • poke after 2 days!
  • pm to plot~
85% mood
65% activity
88% muse
68% speed