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cousin + best friend.
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childhood ex-best friend -> now boyfriend.
doyoung, johnny, jaehyun.
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family friends, enemies.
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childhood + family friend, best friend.
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ex-close friend, rejected her confession.
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hello! feel free to address me as cancel, my faceclaim (jeno). 
i prefer plotting in dms. if you wish to contact me, that's where you can contact me as well. if you have me on other platforms, you can contact me there as well. i am active on discord, so if you wish to plot there, just hit me a message IF YOU HAVE ME THERE. with any concerns and questions,
length wise, i do para, semi-para, multi-para, and will only novella if the plot insights a lot of content and intrigue. my favourite genres to do are evidently angst. i do love action, adventure, and comedy as well. fluff is nice if we have an interesting plot or else i get bored. it tends to be sporadic, so if you like consistency, then i am not the one for you. i do not like poking, so just don't do it.
i am a full time student and a part timer, so please be mindful of my circumstances. i'm in the gmt negative regions. i'm all for friendships! love making new friends! i'll respect you if you respect me. i joke a lot, so if there's anything that makes you uncomfortable, let me know. i won't yell at you or come off aggressive if you bring up concerns.
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ooc details.
full name
lee jeno
date of birth
april 23, 1999
full-time student
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mechanical engineering.
third, junior.
It's hard to tell what he's thinking. Just know he's one of those kids that doesn't need to do much to comprehend a whole textbook despite the lack of effort. A well all-rounder, you could say. And he knows it too. Could easily be a tutor for people older than him, but he doesn't bother to waste his time like that unless he likes you enough.
about me
just another rich kid. lots of travelling, lots of opportunities, attending events here and there thanks to his father being an orthodontist meanwhile his mother was a singer of her kind. let‘s just say he had his fair share of visiting the best hotels, resorts, and amusement parks kids drooled for—free of cost.
eventually there was a twist to their story; it only made sense since the two parents were arranged from a young age with no room to object. as his mother rose to fame, jeno hadn’t been able to see her with the series of world tours and brand deals she had taken up upon the rise. his father on the other hand, had a busy schedule of his own with patients while trying to take care of jeno and his family. however, him and his younger sister had been taken care of by his maids instead.

in the end, his parents hadn’t officially split it off, but his mother put her career above her family, seeking a freedom she lost prior to jeno’s existence. of course, little jeno didn’t understand why his mother had practically became a stranger and why she never came home—she sent gifts and money from time to time, but never dared to say another word. though his father wasn’t there a lot himself, he tried his best to raise jeno with the remaining time he had in his days. there’s no denying that he was a bit lonely with ghost-like parental figures, but it gave him the opportunity to sneak out and explore the world as it was his own.
luckily, jeno wasn’t too shattered about his family situation (that’s what he thought). if anything, he took the traits from both of his parents and it was to be selfish, determined, trace through life with his own means, and focus on his craft with his heart and soul. trust issues from the broken marriage was well evident, but he argued it left him less naive than the rest. his aggression and nonchalance? he argued it was just him being assertive, unbothered, and leading him to the top.
in his present days, people see him at parties from time to time, but rarely dry, sometimes high, mostly sober. if not, he’s busy working at the auto repair shop, polishing his vehicles and bikes, volleyball, or gaming. as for relationships, he doesn’t around as much as he looks, but he doesn’t rule out flings from time to time. unfortunately, he finds himself being a bit more on the unsuccessful side of romantic means because of his goal-oriented nature, but his stubbornness and suppression of vulnerabilities. it doesn't mean he hadn't truly loved someone, but his commitment issues had created a wedge between him and his partner.
overall, jeno comes off a bit aggressive and blunt alongside with his humour and snarkiness. despite this, he has no trouble conversing with everyone and being kind.
> disappearing randomly, but always coming back if needed.
> hanging out on roof tops if he's had enough of the loud crowd. secretly, he enjoys being under the stars.
> kind of bad at replying. not that he doesn't like anyone, but he's preoccupied with his tasks.
> smoking from time to time. doesn't really enjoy it. he just does.
> staying up too late. he's a night owl. 
ADRENALINE, RACING, BIKES, MOTORBIKES, CARS, parties, hookah, travelling, black, VIDEO GAMES, freedom, clothes, 
teacher's pets personas, wasting time, alcohol, incompetence, self-pity, kissing , controlling people, cigars.
fixing "stuff" (cars, bikes), playing volleyball, biking, working out, playing electric guitar, playing video games, staying up late, smoking from time to time.
to be the best IN HIS INTERESTS.
having his car and bike stolen, commitment to things other than himself.
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Not interested. Come back another time?
my account!
welcome, name!
essentially you're typical 'cut the bull' biker archetype who's a bit selfish because he wants to be the best he most likely loves his bikes and cars more than he will ever love you. 
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about me 
mechanical engineering
e. activities
volleyball (captain + setter )
dance club
part-timer at an automotive repair shop
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