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han seungwoo is a very dedicated student at saebom university. not only is he pursuing his major in computer science, wiith a focus on software design. he is also probably one of the most perfect men on campus. the computer science girls have an algorithm to mathematically calculate the most eligble bachelor on campus, seungwoo's come out in the top ten every single year with no fail since he arrived. he's from a nice family, with one older sister who he adores. he has a good group of friends from multiple groups on campus - ranging from his buddies in his major, to the people on the swim team, and the weightlifting club's most elite members. currently though, his heart has been on boxing since the moment he stepped on campus, and is a senior member on the team. plus, he's been a vital member of the coding club since his first year - his calm and kind personality plus his way of being able to simplify any computer science concept being adored by any first year who gets the luck of having him as a mentor. he's been the coding club's president since his second year. he's also been a member of the catering club since his first year - because that's han seungwoo for you. he also cooks really well. he's also the cheerleading team captain because he was recruited into cheerleading, specifically as a base or spotter. when he ended up at saebom, he continued the passion because he thought it was a good source of exercise and the camaraderie was something he liked a lot. please don't ask seungwoo how he got named captain though (more liked coaxed to take the position after the old captain graduated).

he has a part time job as a model (because why wouldn't he? he's han seungwoo). and alongside that is a frequent and regular at every single place around campus that offers coffee. no joke. seungwoo's only vices are that he probably doesn't take care of himself as well as he should and that he is a coffee addict. he stays up late because he spends probably too much time helping others and not enough time on his own things, but no one's holding him accountable for that when his marks are still so godly high and he a scholarship under his belt. plus, for the last two years at saebom, he's been part of the team representing the university at coding competitions.

han seungwoo, a very tired coffee addict that's everyone's friend.


hello i am seungwoo's rper, jirrijirri! feel free to refer to me as the name of my muse or as jirri. i am a busy person ooc but, i try my best to get to replies as soon as i can. if i have not updated my tracker to include your reply within 48 hours, you can remind me then. however, please do not poke me if i have it on my tracker. if it's on the tracker, i will get to it eventually. i write whichever reply i can get to whenever i can so please try and be patient with me! if i don't see our plot going anywhere or lose muse, i will let you know. please let me know as well if you do not want to continue our plot! no hard feelings!

i am accepting only a certain amount of active plots right now because i want to make sure i can make replies to everyone! however, i think i can handle an unlimited amount of text/call threads so feel free to hit me up for any of those at any time! also, i'm totally down to plan and plot a future connection between our characters if i can't get to actual rping at the moment!

thank you so much for reading and feel free to pm whenever you want! let's have fun together

computer science major
24 y.o biual  + very tired
coding, boxing, cheerleader, catering
taylor swift

how to define han seungwoo:
- very helpful b/c he's a good guy in a lot of clubs
- very tired because this man runs purely on coffee
- good with computers b/c compsci major and also coding club president
- very sweet, which is why he constantly has a gaggle of people looking for his attention
- very polite because his mother taught him well
- very passionate and hardworking b/c he's truly invested and committed to his field
- very loyal b/c he puts his friends and everyone around him above himself
- very friendly, seems to get along with almost everyone and anyone he meets
- unable to say no to anyone, see: him being unable to say no when asked to be the new cheer captain
- athletic, b/c that body didn't come from nowhere - swimming is his second passion apart from boxing and cheerleading, his first one. tbh he plays almost all the sports around here, or knows people from each team (b/c they all tried to poach him to join-)
- a very good cook, to the point where he's been a solid member of the catering club since first year


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爱; love

doyeon - coffee fairy/younger sis
description here.
lisa - cheerleading co-captain
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sapphic central.
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welcome, seungwoo!
"lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit" - is the only thing i work with when i code.
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