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Yibo was brought primarily by his grandparents. Thanks to their occupations, Yibo’s parents were always busy and considerably workaholics. Throughout his childhood, Yibo was always under the direct spoiling of ‘affectionate grandparents’. Shortly, he always got whatever he wanted. As a child, Yibo could never do anything wrong by his grandparents. He was held on a high pedestal for being the only child, the only grandchild of the family, therefore all of the attention of the elderly couple was his without having to ask for it. For better or worse, growing up in an environment that made him feel like the only person in the world, Yibo developed a severe narcissism as a child. As soon as the preschool, the side effects of his grandparents’ love started to appear. Yibo refused to play with other kids that he deemed too annoying, too noisy, too snotty or anyone that just did not appeal to him. With all the toys he ever wanted, he would be brought to preschool with a full bag of that day’s choice of toys, because the little prince refused to play with old, dated, used toys that other children drooled all over. Flaunting his childish wealth, he would never share his toys. He would never let any other child as much as lay a crayon smudged finger on his precious Robosapien toy. Although needy for constant attention and praise, he was a quiet child. A quiet child that would blow up the moment an opportunity to shine in the spotlight occurred. Dancing was one of such things even at that young age… Primary school children, were just as easily fooled by Yibo’s newest video games, newest consoles, newest toys. However, that was about it. He would never let anyone close to become his friend. Although at such a frail age, Yibo was of the impression that the children that admired his possessions were his friends. That was untrue. In junior secondary school, turned a rough 180 on Yibo. His peers started to be fed up with the over-achiever who had everything handed to him on a silver platter. There was no appreciation for his actual hard work he put into the things he did well. Of course, anyone who knew they were good at something wanted everyone to else to know and admire that, right? Wrong. Children do not like show-offs, and Yibo learned that the hard way. His exceptional talent in dancing was suddenly looked down upon a deemed ‘gay’ by his peers. That only had caused him to turn his attention into more boyish, ‘manly’ hobbies, such as sports and video games. Yibo picked up a deep passion for physical activity over the course of his junior secondary school, however, it was too late to turn the tables. The first impression was already there and whatever Yibo continued to do to, once again, get the approval and admiration for whatever he did was seen as pretentious, a poor attempt to seem ‘less girly’. He was never accepted for his outstanding accomplishment, awarded by medals and other rewards, in physical education class by his peers. Things would finish in drastic measures of Mr. and Mrs. Wang having to pull Yibo out of the twelfth grade, mid-year, to transfer their son into another junior secondary school. It turned out that the petty actions of Yibo’s classmates were crossing the proverbial moral line of what could be considered bullying. The bullying occurred over the span of the two and a half year of junior secondary school, with Yibo enduring it in complete silence. Stubborn, reckless and way too pride despite everything, Yibo wouldn’t tell anyone that his lion heart could be broken by some lousy, annoying, childish tweens. He would dread going to school every morning, getting sick, having terrible stomach issues. Until his grandma finally noticed and stepped into action. Yibo finished his junior secondary school in a completely new environment, friendless, without any preceding reputation. In senior secondary school, Yibo turned a blank page, starting anew. There were no first-day freestyle performances in front of the whole class, there were no excessive devices hanging from him to show all the most expensive brands and newest products on the market. He determined to start his teenage, pubescent life as a new person, never wanting to go through the past events ever again. Yibo became the silent kid. Stereotypical silent kid with a shocking twist. He spoke very little, especially when he had nothing on topic to say, lounged at his desk as long as he wasn’t asked to do something. Going on, Yibo became a silent star of the school. An enigma everyone wanted to decipher. However, Wang Yibo was no puzzle to be solved. He was a brick wall that couldn’t be picked apart unless one possessed a wrecking ball. The wrecking ball happened to be a dwelling, unrecognized passion for extreme sports, especially motorcycle racing. Yibo’s class welcomed a foreign exchange student, an Italian native girl. Yibo didn’t need to be told twice when she offered to watch and translate an Italian race he really wished to see. Yibo couldn’t tell if his feelings were necessarily ones of pubescent infatuation, but he could tell and admit that he liked spending time with her whenever there were motorcycles involved and English conversation flowing. Soon, hanging out at school, watching races on phones during lunch break, with occasional hand-holding and merely a peck on the cheek or lips, wasn’t enough for the girlfriend. She demanded more of Yibo’s time, more of his affection and it started to teeter into Yibo’s comfort zone. And then it was done. Finished on not the nicest terms. Graduating senior secondary school, Yibo acted on his own account and did not apply for any university. When his parents found out, they did not take that oversight well. They chastised Yibo for such a reckless decision without discussing the options beforehand. Yibo wanted to pursue a career overseas, in the motorcycle industry. At the age of eighteen, without spending more than the necessary school hours and his outdoor hobbies time away from home, his mother didn’t allow him to travel abroad. However, it was already too late to apply for a higher education. Yibo was stranded. Yibo spent two years working odd jobs to save up money for the move and for all necessary flights he would have to take in the future, while also continuing perfecting all of his hobbies and obsessions, while taking on Korean language classes, since the choice of university was a prestigious South Korean university called Saebom. However, after those two years, he was clutching his passport and airplane ticket in his hands, ready to board a plane to South Korea. And now, a freshman at Saebom University, studying the major of foreign languages, keeping himself busy with all the same hobbies, picking up new interests, picking up new obsessions, Yibo is hell-bent on proving his parents who he is and determining who he actually is.