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kim doyeon. i'm twenty one, a sophomore and a full time disappointment. my major is english literature. coffee and books are my vices. 
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【 a woman unbound.】

doyeon kim
i act how i want to and you cannot stop me from doing so. 
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kim doyeon
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december 4, 1999
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books and coffee
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doyeon has always followed orders in her life. having been raised in a wealthy, conservative family, it wasn’t far-fetched for her to be conditioned like this; programmed like a robot to please her parents一her mom specifically一 and appease everyone with her stellar performance in everything that she does. she lived a very sheltered life, only going out of the house for her extra-curricular lessons that her parents forced her to take. 
you have to be perfect, doyeon. you are the first born granddaughter and daughter. you are to bring honor in this family and never shame any of us. what you do will affect everyone and possibly ruin the name me and your father has worked hard to keep clean. the second i see any flaws, i won’t even hesitate about disowning you as my daughter.
despite having this kind of lifestyle, doyeon always yearned of having a life different from this一 wanting a life of freedom and happiness yet she lived in fear of what would happen if she would pursue her dreams, hence her love for books coming through; she lived vicariously through the lives of the main characters of the books she reads, wishing that she could be as brave the protagonists in her books.
doyeon had a year left before she was off to college and she was dreading every second of it. she envied her classmates who were discussing how supportive their parents were for their own paths while here she was, stuck in a path she didn’t even wish to trek. her days were gloomy and dark as it rolled by, secluding herself more from her peers due to the strong envy and frustration that’s building within her until a random student walked up to her and shared to her about how to not live in fear and instead brace herself for what’s to come, because in his words, you only live once一 which stuck to doyeon, making her decide to stray from the path in front of her and follow her own, finally learning how to live the life she really deserves一 which mainly caused her rebellious yet happy go lucky attitude (when she's not in her good student mood)
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— likes
coffee, books, late night walks, coffee shops, libraries and art museums, did i mention coffee?
— dislikes
late replies, lazy people, disrupting my naps and tea.
— hobbies
wandering around to look for books, surfing the internet for music and sleeping
— goals
prove to my parents that i'm more than what they think of me.
— extra
if you choose to be ignorant about things, trust me i'm ignoring you too.
if you want to know me better, you should learn how to understand if i'm being sarcastic or serious.
— favorite movie
the notebook, harry potter, crazy rich asians
— favorite actor
tom hiddleston, chris evans and sebastian stan
— favorite book
the invisible life of addie larue
— favorite author
too many to mention
— favorite singer
don't have any.
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defying my parent's expectations of me pursuing business and/or law majors and enrolled myself in something that i wanted.
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best thing you've done so far?
out of character
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the names's vee !! pronouns are she/her. my replies can vary from time to time, depending on my availability, muse, and/or my writer's block is active. para to multi para depending on the plot. poke me after a day or two of not replying.