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"the ocean is a friend who, for a while, will talk to me, and smile ; but always with a stranger’s courtesy" - mary carolyn davies
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p. seonghwa
track:One - hard to love
full namepark seonghwa
year4th, senior
majorcriminal justice
raising up from the family of mafia that travelled around the city and each part of the country, seonghwa had never gotten any proper childhood since young, alone to have a proper friend. alone to get that he transfered school at least twice per month as they have to go through the same again and again, he never understand his father who single handed raised him up after the death of his mother right in front of his eyes during the fight. being the odd one out between him and his two siblings, the eldest brother who seems to the potential heir after their dad and his older sister, who seems not to be bothered by all this mafia, had registered herself out of the family line. 
being the youngest never seems to be easy for seonghwa, to witness everything that happened in front of his eyes. the death, the separation and the differentiation between him and his brother. as much as his dad would want him to take after as the vice of the mafia clan, seonghwa pretended to be okay about it, he knew his mom wanted his youngest child to be something different out of the family. he wished to follow his sister footstep but at the same time his kind heart would rather stay and hope that he can help to change them bit by bit.
that's where he told his dad, he gonna settle himself down to finish his studies first instead of travelling and transferring on the final year. seonggwa is smart on his own, even though he can adapt anything and know everything easily. he lied, telling that he will take business studies in the new school to somehow "help" out his family, saebom University, with the help of his brother to get a house little further from the schoOl, he thought to himself, "this may be temporary, but someday." 
as much as his family gave him the credit card, a car and a motorbike, a suites somewhere near to the town for rich people, he just accepted it willing in one condition, not to get involved with his life until he graduated. they agreed and never knew what was his plan all along. that was the last, seonghwa get to see his family and the clan even though him and his brother will be keeping in touch through the messager.
appearance / personality : both arms filled with different tattoos (three - four on each side), resting when when not smiling but somehow is actually blanking out or observing, cold from the outside but actually a kind hearted person who doesn't match actions and words at the same time. actually have three scars from the past, one on his left upper arm, one on his back which half of it length and lastly on his chest. piercing at different area, one side each of his ears which helix, nose and lips piercing which rarely been seen.
habits / likes : smoking and drinking, but in the moderation and not very extreme, prefer wine over beer and soju over whiskey, soft for animals and knowledge for flowers, cooking and baking is one of the traits but he have no reason to do them anymore after moving out of the mafia house, play guitar and drum during free time, 
dislikes / flaws : violence, even though jaewon is from mafia and learn all different type of fighting from karate to taekwondo and even boxing, he actually dislike to fight unless to protect someone whom he love, he will do anything. ocean, river or anything with water that require swimming as it traumatised jaewon when he was younger, as young as he can remembered being captured by another mafia gang who tried to threaten his family. 
social networks : @hwaseong (snapchat, twitter and instagram) @privatemars (private twitter)
will add on more information soon and keep update *
to the future sunshine who will be the one awake like how the sunrise rise up in the sky in the morning, melt the frozen heart of mine and the warmth of the hug and heart. 
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timezone is gmt 8+, third pov from short para to multi para, depending how comfortable both of us can be and plot may be discussed in pm. replies will take up to 2-3 days unless the sudden surge feeling of muse, that will take 1-2 days max. you can poke me by tagging me in ooc chat or pm if i don't reply up to 5-6 days, either because I'm busy, lost of muse or misseen it.