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bang christopher chan.
played by shxndxxryxn_
"They say that hard work is the result of blood, sweat and tears. In my case, it's more of caffeine, sleepless nights and mental breakdowns."
what you need to know.
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full name
bang christopher chan.
date of birth
11 november 1999.
full-time student, part-time kindergarten teaching / admin assistant.
panromantic, demiual.
love interest
smitten with lee taeyong.
zodiac sign
scorpio (sun), pisces (moon), leo (rising)
seoul, south korea.
now playing.
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once upon a time.
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bang christopher chan had a..... sad childhood, and if you valued your friendship with him, you'd know better than to outright ask him for the details. he was abandoned at the footsteps of a shabby foster home at birth, and growing up at said foster home was not rainbows and roses for him considering the bullying he endured from the time he could walk until it started getting physical, until he could fight back. the home itself didn't do much for him, only managing the bare minimum with each year to fulfill their legal functions.
one day, he made his own decision to leave and never to look back.
“who exactly was bang chan, anyway? he could yell his name out as much as he wanted, but as far as the other kids were concerned, he will always be the “nobody” they liked to pick on for no apparent reason.”
finding a proper and stable home outside the foster home was realistically more daunting than he would ever let on, but eventually he persevered and lucked out. his adoptive parents were (in his opinion) godsent angels, showering him with unconditional love and affection despite his rough upbringing and lack of any proper formal education / qualifications. they sent him to a public high school, encouraged him to do well, saw him through his shining moments and comforted him through his darkest. even accepting him with loving tears when he came out to them and taking the additional step (at his request) to legally add christopher into his name.
and they lived happily ever after? not even close.
whilst he continued to flourish and prosper under his newfound parents' care, his adoptive brother (the parents' very own direct flesh and blood) could not accept the handsome, seemingly perfect stranger that had been brought into their family. he was the rotten child, believed to be a product of the parents having spoiled him beyond repair in his younger days. with christopher now in the picture, it was apparent in his broken mind that christopher was a homewrecker attempting to steal his parents away from him.
thus began another cycle of christopher's seemingly endless torments.
christopher believed he was the unfortunate victim of multiple instances of misplaced aggression and deep-seated hatred, and despite suffering from a small plethora of conditions that were the by-products from his childhood traumas, he managed to persevere hard enough to land himself a position in the renowned saebom university (ironically studying psychology with a double minor in education & philosophy). finally, a safe haven where the ghosts of his past won't be able to get to him. a safe haven that would allow him to attempt to make peace with some of his existing inner demons. a safe haven he could let himself be free...
...or so he hoped. fate truly has a cruel way of coming full circle sometimes, doesn't it?
to be continued...
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sugar & spice.
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— likes
coffee, plants, nature, the outdoors, the colour black, autumn, winter, rain/snowfall, water, alcohol, writing, late-night walks
— dislikes
his childhood/past, sleep, unproductivity, hot weather, too-spicy food, citrus fruits, arrogance, feelings of helplessness, stray dogs, fantasy movies, open-toed footwear
— hobbies
gardening, swimming, taking late-night walks, photography, listening to r&b/lofi music, cooking, playing skyrim & the darksiders series on his laptop
— vices
despite his toxic relationship with his ex, he still seeks him out regularly for (more often than he'd ever admit). he also favours alcohol (his go-to would be anything with vodka and/or tequila), and occasionally he'd smoke (only when his mental health spirals beyond control).
— extra
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor. Aenean massa.
"yes, i study psychology. yes, i have psychological issues. yes, i work with kids. yes, i have internalised trauma arising from my own unpleasant childhood. yes, i enjoy what i do. and yes, i do have times when i just want to give up on my studies and switch off from life. are you done making assumptions about me?"
— personality
at first glance (true to his scorpio sun and leo rising), christopher comes across to most people around him as being boisterous, energetic, fun, confident, outgoing, even intimidating at times. though not entirely wrong, he wouldn't necessarily agree with all of that. given his psychological afflictions and trauma, he's rather apprehensive and guarded when it comes to meeting new people; you have to be the one to make the first move if you want to befriend him, otherwise the both of you would just end up skirting or walking on eggshells around each other. he also has an unpredictable temperament — one moment he could be buzzing with excitement about something and the next moment he could go up in flames due to something as simple as a carelessly-worded sentence. despite his (surprisingly) good physique, he's always been a words-over-actions person — he'll never resort to physical violence or retaliation no matter how much he's provoked to, but he will spit some dangerous toxic poison that will sting painfully for a long while.
— positive traits
approachable, charismatic, warm, dependable, honest, sensitive, hardworking, focused, independent
— negative traits
cynical, pessimistic, emotionally-driven, speaks before he thinks, manipulative, overachiever, self-depreciative, grudgeful
— habits
when he sits, he will tend to tap his feet to a random beat regardless of whether he's listening to music or unplugged. he also tends to rake his fingers through his hair when under stress — the more stressed he is, the slower the raking. he rarely if ever smiles for a photo with his teeth showing, unless it's a candid of him laughing. he will always wear his watch on his right wrist despite being right-handed.
— appearance & fashion style
he usually sports a head of dark brunette / black hair; sometimes he leaves his natural curls be, other times he'd take some effort to straighten them out. occasionally when he feels adventurous, he'd dye his hair blonde. he sports 3 piercings - one each on his lobes and the third on his left orbital. he also has a few tattoos — one of a small dripping heart behind his right ear, a minimalistic wolf head design on his inner left forearm, a short scripture along the v-line of his right hip/pelvis and a matching half-tattoo on his back (to complement his ex's; unsurprisingly he hates that one the most). his go-to style is casual boyfriend — hoodies / sweaters / jackets with a simple t-shirt or muscle tank underneath, ripped jeans and high-cut sneakers. oh, and he exclusively only wears black unless otherwise stipulated for certain occasions.
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"...can i not answer this? next question?"
unknown asked
"what would you say is your biggest regret?"
the face behind the face.
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hello lovelies! you can refer to me by my muse's name (chris) or dae. i'm a sad adult succumbing to the harsh working life of the modern capitalist world (tl;dr - i have a full-time job), so my replies & general activity tend to be inconsistent / sporadic. they're also highly dependent on my muse; if you see going ape in ooc chats and not reply plots, or if it looks like i favour (a) particular plot(s) over (an)other(s), i reassure you that i'm not ignoring / neglecting anything; i always get to my replies no matter how long they'll take. should i ever lose interest in a plot, i will give you a heads-up ooc! i humbly ask that you do the same as well; i will not be offended or upset. i'm generally easygoing so do hmu with your plot ideas; if anything makes me uncomfortable / triggers me then rest assured i will voice it out and you do not need to feel guilty about it. my preferred style of writing is 3rd multi-para/novella, but i don't mind tweaking myself to fit your comfort! i only draw the line at one-liners. if you have any further doubts, questions, enquiries or whatnot, you can always drop me a direct dm to my rpr acc and i'll get back to you asap.
my account!
welcome, christopher!
"why fall in love when you can fall asleep?" joke's on you, i'm an insomniac.  
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