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brat. probably used by multiple people because he is one.

av. the acceptable short form of avra; doesn't like being called ra.

areti's twin. dream guards are bad at remembering his name.

@aquietgardenrose / @best

tree nymph, greek aspen

33 (looks 19)



florist + poisons expert, intel

fluent greek, spanish, english

homoual + homoromantic

eric sohn










appearance: avra gets his slight build from being a nymph. only 152 centimeters (a mere 5'0), he stands shorter than even many other nymphs, absolutely dwarfed when around some of the other members of vos. he's muscular, but in a slim, wiry sort of way, muscle from growing up a rather active little nymph in the sprawling wilderness of greece. his eyes are a blue-grey, the color of storms and stormy skies. it often makes people mistake him for a different kind of nymph, since nymphs of the wood often have green eyes or brown eyes and he has neither.


avra's hair is naturally a blonde that fades to blue, and is very light and fluffy and perpetually long enough to fall into his eyes. usually he tries to keep it somewhat parted, but it doesn't always do as he intended. as of now he has no tattoos and he only has piercings in his ears.


avra literally refuses to wear pants; he grew up wearing skirts and dresses and he finds them to be freeing in all of the ways. he doesn't wear shoes, either, and simply skips about with bare feet.

chapter i: avra spiros came to be in a sprawl of wilderness in greece, both of his parents tree nymphs. the spiros family was an influential family in their society. avra and areti were twins, and the youngest siblings of the family. ten sisters and five brothers preceded them, and their father favored every other sibling over his youngest two sons. their mother, on the other hand, was very passive. as the head of the family, she blamed always being busy for never having time for her children.


chapter iI: the spiros twins were young when their mother formed their engagements to other young nymphs. avra knew his betrothed and was able to grow up with him, but areti's was a stranger. avra sometimes wished that his betrothed was also a stranger, because he couldn't get along with him. they had conflicting ideas on everything, personalities that grated against one another, and avra's intended always wanted to be better than everyone at everything—including avra himself, which always put the small nymph in a foul mood. on top of that, as avra began to bud into a teenager, learning to shoot a bow and run the forests, clambering up mountains and adventuring with his brother, their father continued to pretend the twins didn't exist and their mother did the minimum to ensure that they were healthy and not bringing shame upon the family name. 


chapter IIi: avra's outlook on life and disagreement with the grove's views and areti's skill as a fighter set the brothers apart from other nymphs in their grove, making them social outcasts. areti confessed a grave secret to avra as their respective weddings drew near, and avra warned him that if he was discovered, the likelihood of something bad happening was high. with that warning, areti disappeared in the night and avra dealt with the fallout, his mother blaming him for his twin running away—avra took the blame without saying anything, for the sake of protecting areti's secret. 


chapter iV: avra's fiance decided to take the next step and try to 'court' him, but it went downhill fast. their already frosty relationship grew even more strained, as avra had no romantic interest and didn't even like him as a person. as the courtship continued, his betrothed growing irritated with a lack of positive response and resorting to trying to "beat" the perceived competition (the other nymphs their age, including avra himself) in everything they did. as soon as he turned eighteen, avra broke tradition and called off the engagement.


chapter V:  the ending of the engagement destroyed what was left of avra's relationship with his father, culminating in a huge argument that resulted in his father blaming him for the humiliation of their family. avra made his decision then to leave greece altogether, and when he said as such, his father told him not to return home if he chose to leave. avra's response was to leave with only the laurel crown on his head, the clothes on his back and the bow in his hand. he didn't know at the time where he was going to go but he knew he would figure something out.


chapter Vi: avra found himself arriving on a spanish island when he was 19 years old, settling into the atmosphere where creatures were safer than they were anywhere else in the world. he made friends there, with an old merman who tried to drown him and a bumbling phoenix and a cannibal pixie and before he knew it, avra was supplying flowers to a gang leader's flower shop. 


chapter VIi: avra was 31 when a shipment of flowers brought the twins back together at last. avra had ordered a shipment of delicate, priceless flowers from a secret grove and areti was guarding the shipment. when they saw each other at the dock, there were tears and a tight embrace and promises not to separate so permanently ever again.


two years later, avra shared blood with akaedi and became a full-fledged member of vos.


• avra makes his own dresses

• possesses a bronze crown, but prefers to wear flower crowns 

• in his early twenties, avra had a boyfriend who dumped him right after he had a miscarriage. that former boyfriend disappeared after that. 

• coming from greece, avra speaks with a thick greek accent that sharpens some syllables, makes his words drop heavier from his tongue, and changes the sounds of many of his consonant-vowel combinations. yhis combined with his lisp can sometimes make him hard to understand.

• used to own a greenhouse in the city and now he strictly works for akaedi. 

• has a three-year-old pet panther named kallios. 


AVRA once said...

• "listen here you two-cent backstabbing cockalorum, we are not on the same team and we never will be. just because we ended up on the same 'team' for some stupid little competition does not mean i wouldn't reach down your throat, pull out your heart and give it to sterling to stomp on. you're worth less to me than the aphids that disease my plants, understand? so if i say you're ew, you're ing ew." to lio fotia.

• tba


➘ areti spiros: twin brother, the other half of a whole. areti and avra came from the same seed that split and grew two saplings instead of one. they are connected deeper than most twins as a result and on some days share telepathy. 


➘ akaedi vos: the boss of vos. avra was his supplier at first and found himself slowly drawn into akaedi's crime family. he's loyal to akaedi, who plays something like the role of an older sibling in the way avra's blood siblings never did. 


➘ liu jinhai: the first friend he made in the city of dreams. avra enjoys his friendship with the old merman and likes to talk culture with him to hear his views.


➘ kivari ae: frequent coworker, sort of friendly. avra gets along well enough with kivari when there are no fires in the flower shop. to be fair, kivari is slowly getting better at not burning things.  


➘ monarch: a friend, and also a coworker. not fun to drink with because he'll use it as blackmail, but they have fun otherwise. 


➘ sterling vance: everyone wants to protect the youngest member of vos, avra included. he might not be a fighter, but avra will protect sterling's identity and privacy to the best of his ability, especially when annoying dream guards are snooping around and trying to defend the person who hurt sterling in the first place.


➘ name: connection


rank: doesn't have an assigned rank, but is one of akaedi's inner circle. 

role: poisons expert + intel operative

occupation: florist at akaedi's flowers

to rivals: avra is usually considered useless and non-threatening by enemies of vos. they're not entirely wrong, since avra's not good in a fight, but he does carry poisons and poisoned weaponry to protect himself. he's considered an underling akaedi keeps around for entertainment.

to the dream guard: similar to what rivals would think, the dream guard don't look twice at avra. he's considered a non-threatening member of vos. he couldn't possibly be dangerous. also, his brother's areti, but avra has never intentionally used his brother's occupation to his own advantage. 



➘ bow with poisoned arrows. usually only carried in the forest, but he keeps it behind the counter of the flower shop when things have been particularly tense in the city or with other gangs / the guard. 

➘ vials of external-use poisons and poisoned knives. keeps these on his person at all times in case he has to defend himself. 

natural powers:

➘ camoflauge

➘ turning into an aspen tree 

➘ plant-based and animal-based natural magic

➘ speaking to plants and animals 

➘ controlling plants

➘ creating or destroying plants

➘ quick regeneration due to the properties of aspen trees. 

learned powers: n/a at this time. 

➘ akaedi is trying to teach him water magic. 



➘ seeming harmless

➘ tba


➘ the tree his life force is connected to. he can't get too far from it. also, if the tree is harmed, he's injured. if the tree dies, so does he. he is very careful to protect his tree and its location is a well-kept secret. 

➘ not a strong fighter. notoriously bad at fighting. 

➘ fire. 

➘ tba





love interest details, if you couldn't tell. 

hello minty here! this is another mess but i'm happy to finally be putting avra's profile back up. he's one of my favorite babies ;; u ;; 






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