Personal Message
kim woosung
feb 25 1993
singer - the rose
the story of a boy...
was it a sunny day? perhaps it was as that would explain to why i caught glimpse of your smile from such a far distance. the radiance of it blinding me, making me unknown to the words at the back of mind who cried out to me to stop. cause what a great pain you had caused me.
the sweet caress of your hand against my cheek kept me up at night, the whisper of sweet nothings as we cuddled under the blankets still haunt me at night; sometimes i even wake up with a chill, those eyes.. those dark brown eyes that stared right into my soul and dug me out every time, your lips - what a delicate touch they were and also having do as you will, your voice - so soothing that it would bring me into a haze filling my thoughts with nothing but you.. and all of this can only come back to me with the bitter sweetness of alcohol. to both forget you and remember you..