hong jisoo
about me ✕
name: jisoo
age: 25
date of birth: dec 30 95
timezone: gmt-5
current thots: I'm hungry
personality ✕

If you want a burger, eat a burger. If you want a french fry, eat a french fry. If you want a jisoo, give me hugs first. :3

Easily excitable. Tries to tell the truth when possible. Is a tactile person when it comes to friendships.

love life ✕

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out of character ✕
LMAO I'm screaming! Don't @ me XD I'm always dealing with these days but I'm cool, ig. Jisoo is not me even though I WISH I was as good looking as him. Uhhh what else, if anyone deigns to rp, please poke me after like 2-3 days. I don’t top. PM me if you ever wanna parler (talk).