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Leans against the wall next to soohyuk
Hey y- let's add me and you together, subtract the clothes, divide the legs and become one big solution ;)

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soohyuk please treat me like your homework.
slam me down and ** ** *** **** ****

prizes from our first date 


Age: 32 Birthday: May 30th 1988


Loves black and white and red and blue

Dominate Top


185 cm 

Current Net worth is 15.1 Million.

Medium build 

Muscular toned but not widely buff. Sometimes slims down for movie rolls or modeling. Loves protein though. Keeps healthy in general, works out, and loves coffee.

Wants cuddles, affection, and hopes to get a pet or two in the future. 

Can seem intense and intimidating but is a giant teddy bear and is a mixture of handsome and cute ... or so he is told. He has no problem spoiling those he loves.