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Me= makes Kang as shy as he makes me.
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Ummm is mediocre at best... but I drew this for you mister Kangaroo. Hope you like it

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@song kang。
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@song kang。 *kisses you loudly* Best hubband material!

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Ahhhh I can't respond until later but... I wrote you a poem earlier and wasn't going to give it to you until next week but... um *waddlesaway quickly with flaming cheeks*
I want to live in a land filled with blue, me and you.
Where the air sparkles, time freezes and I dance in the air with delicate wings.
I'll sprinkle you with affection and stardust, I'll kiss your skin with delicate touches.
Let's live like butterflies, dancing amongst flowers.
I'll hold your hand and you hold mine.

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That is why I gave you Dandelions.
I heard it for the first time on the day I gave you the Dandelions. It reminded me of this man who I love giving flowers to. Mostly it reminded me of being a kid. I used to blow on dandelions and make wishes, which I grew out of, but honestly I used to wish for a person like you in my life.
I want to take you on countless dates, hold your hand, cuddle with you until we fall asleep. I want to tease you and poke you.
I want to make you smile, hear your laugh.
I want to be a reason why you find joy in life.
I know I am intense but you make me intensly like you.
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because i miss you ,, or wtv :gags: :gags: so have this family photo??!?